My Daytime Makeup

So here is my every day make-up routine:

Foundation – Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24hr €35. I use colour 010 or 045 with tan. I love this foundation, it has replaced MAC Studio. I wear it everyday and it lasts and lasts. I’ve worn it to weddings and it has looked as good going to bed at 3am as it did at 11am when first applied, no touch ups required. I have started wearing it when running or in the gym and it totally stays put. The best thing is that it’s not heavy or cakey and looks natural. Love it, love it, love it!


Concealer – I’m obsessed with the dark circles under my eyes. Maybe it’s all in my head because no one else seems to consider them a problem, however I still can’t cover them to my satisfaction. At present I am using Bobbi Brown corrector followed by the Collection 2000 lasting Perfection €4.75. For special occasions I swap this for the MAC Prolongwear concealer. The Collection 2000 and MAC are essentially the same except for the price and MAC lasts a bit longer. I have the Bobbi Brown duo as well but found it didn’t live up to the hype for me. It’s good but not better than everything else I’ve tried.


Powder – MAC Mineralise Skin Finish Natural €26.50. I use this as a setting powder. I also use a darker shade under my cheeks for a contour. It can also be used alone as the main base. This is another product that lasts and lasts. The coverage is medium and it has a lovely light and matte finish. I wouldn’t bother looking at anything else as this is the perfect setting powder, however, I read on Viva Adonis that the Vichy Dermablend Powder doesn’t rub off under glasses so I might try it as it’s about €20.

Apologies for the quality of photos, but if there was natural sunlight, I would be outside enjoying it instead of inside photographing products

Apologies for the quality of photos, but if there was natural sunlight, I would be outside enjoying it instead of inside photographing products

Blush- MAC Peachy Keen €21.50. It’s the perfect peachy pink to lift and warm my complexion. As far as blushes go, I think that MAC powder blushes are one of the best available in Ireland.

Eyebrows – I just use a slanted brush and MAC eye shadow in Omega €15 to fill in my brows.

Highlighter – I not fussy about highlighters, I usually just use an eye shadow in a light sheer, shimmery colour.


It seems like a lot when you write it all out but it only takes a few minutes. I have to say that all these products last the whole day and more, they survive a sweaty run or gym session.

I like to save eye and lip products for when I’m heading out for a night or a special occasion. I don’t want to look the same when I out enjoying socialising as I do when I’m at work or running around. I like to make an extra special effort for having fun and I want to feel like I look more glam.


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