Friday Style

Usually on Friday I like to put a bit more effort and colour into my outfit. I know most people like “dress down Friday”, but I’m odd like that. It’s the giddiness of Friday that makes me want to look nice. I work in an office but there is no real dress code even though clients are always in and out.


Blouse & Cardigan: Pennys/Primark, Jeans: New Look, Boots: Redz

I use to wear the standard office uniform of shapeless black trousers and a v-neck knitted jumper almost everyday, but one day I had enough of looking frumpy and vowed to never wear shapeless black trousers ever again (unless I haven’t done the washing and have nothing else to wear). Anything goes in terms of office wear now. Just make sure you’ve no bits on show it’s appropriate and looks smart.


I think good fitting dark jeans can look a lot shaper and smarter than the shapeless trousers that you have had for years. When you look stylish, you feel better about yourself. Nothing perks you up more than thinking you look good and getting a few compliments along the way is always a plus.


I can’t wait to wear this top with my blue blazer and a pair of cute pumps, but since it is still a bit birr out, this cardi is perfect and cozy. I know black boots might look better and I have loads to choose from, but I love the look of tan boots with black jeans. The boots look a bit darker in the pic than they are in real life.


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