The Shirt Dress: Black & Gold

“The fish swam out of the ocean, grew legs and started walking…” if it wasn’t in your head already, it is now. I’ve had stuck in my head all weekend so I thought I would share.


In my opinion the shirt dress is a necessary wardrobe staple. You can style it in so many ways; however it is hard to find the perfect black shirt dress. The one I have here is from Mango. As much as I like this one I am still on the lookout for “the perfect one”. The only problems with this one are that it creases easily and sticks to tights, but I do love the style and fit of it. I also have one from Pennys/Primark, but it has the same problems as this Mango one plus its see trough, so black tights and a top underneath are a must, unless you like being ogled. You can’t see much of it in the photos because this post is more about how the whole outfit is styled than about one individual item.

Here I have styled the shirt dress with a faux leather biker jacket from New Look. The biker jacket has been everywhere for last few seasons and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. This season sees the introduction of the suede biker. I’m a bit torn on this because they look class, but on the other hand suede in Ireland, need I say more. I love the gold hardware on my biker jacket. I think it really dresses it up and makes it look far more lux.


This scarf is from Awear and is absolutely massive. It’s really long and wide, making it feel and look very sophisticated and luxurious. The pink is a nice injection of colour to this outfit. The charcoal print can look navy when worn with other navy clothing or look black next to black, so it is quite versatile and I get loads of wear out of it.


These boots are from Barratts. The leather of the boot and buckle detail ties in with the faux leather and gold hardware of the jacket.
Hmm…, I wonder if I have any other black and gold accessories I could add here.


Love this Michael Kors bag.

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