Friday Style: The Cutsie Dress


Ah the cutsie little summer dress. You see it on the hanger and you think “summer is a long way away, it’ll be ages before I get to wear you”. Think again, I’ve been wearing ditsy little summer dresses all winter long.


Dress & Cardigan are both from Pennys/Primark

You layer a cosey cardigan over the dress, add some opague tights and chunky boots and you have a great winter style. If it’s really cold you can even pop a long sleeve t-shirt under the dress and cardy. The chunky boots are the perfect way to tone down the girly look of a pretty sun dress and give the look a bit of edge. A bomber or biker jacket would be another way to toughen up the look. You could also wear a belt out over the cardigan and dress to give your waist  a nipped in shape.

You can have a lot of fun and get loads of wear out of a cutsie sun dress with a ditsy print. In Spring and Autumn you can swap the cardigan and chunky boots for a blazer and ballet pumps. If WHEN (positive thoughts) summer comes along, just wear the dress alone with some cute sandals.


Loving the bow detail of the neckline.

I like to wear this dragonfly print with a mint green cardigan that I already had in my wardrobe. However, it could be matched to any of the other colours in the vibrant print, such as wine, blue, or emerald green (supposedly the colour of the season, but hardly anything in the shops to support this so far– mini rant).


These boots are Marco Tozi and you may get used to seeing them because I have been wearing them alot since I got them early last Autumn. In my opinion, they go with everyting.


Anyone else rocking their summer dresses in Winter? How do you like to style yours?

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