MAC Fireside: Review & Pics

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMAC Fireside Mineralise eyeshadow is from the Après Chic limited edition collection, which is a recent release. There are five mineralise eyeshadows in this collection but Fireside is the one that caught my eye and really it’s the only one in the collection that tempted me. At €21.50 it’s not cheap but it is good value as you are getting a really diverse colour that will last ages.


It is so rich in colour. It has tones of purple and plum as well as red and brown, all with a little twist of teal running through it. That’s what I love about MAC mineralise eyeshadows, there’s always so much going on, however it makes them hard to describe and capture on camera. The warm rich tones of Fireside are a perfect combination of all the colours that emphasize green eyes, which is why I love it so much. In fact I wore it out twice over the weekend and I more or less used it all on its own both times.


All I used in this look is Fireside, a little high light in the inner corner, liner and mascara, job done. Quick and easy but looks like there was more work put in. You can use it wet or dry and create a great smokey eye with this or just use it to contour the crease. Have you checked out any of the Après Chic collection yet?

One thought on “MAC Fireside: Review & Pics

  1. I think I will try mac, i’ve never used it before but i’ve heard positive feedback about it.

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