You Don’t Need A Million Bucks: Recession Style

Sunday was Mother’s Day and even though I don’t have kids I still got taken out to dinner. Actually I went out with the in-laws and their mom. Don’t worry we headed over to my mom to spoil her afterwards.

Obviously I wanted to look nice heading out but it was a bitter cold and windy day so I also wanted to be warm and comfortable; enter cosey cardigan. I feel like I am always wearing some sort of cardy lately, like an auld wan, and I can’t wait for warmer weather so I can switch it up a bit. After a few changes, here is the final result.

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

The peplum top, cardigan and boots are all from Pennys and the jeans are from Dorothy Perkins. So there you have a nice outfit (if I do say so myself), Sunday dinner appropriate and cheap as chips. The best thing is how slimming this top is. The strategically placed black panels at the sides are most flattering; always a plus. The print is quite cute, with little splashes of purple and yellow mixed through the black and white.


I could have worn a black cardigan (or blazer if it wasn’t so birr out) to work the monochrome trend, but to be honest, with it being so miserable I was hoping colour would cheer things up a bit.

This bib necklace has appeared in this previous post and is from Portugal.


Here is a close up of the slouchy boots, also previously shown in this post. People are always surprised to hear they are from Pennys. It’s funny how proud Irish women are when they get to follow a compliment to what they are wearing with the word “Pennys!” Say it loud and say it proud ladies, “Pennys”. What bargains are proud of?



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