MAC Plumful: Review and Pics

My Natural lip colour is quite dark as is, so it may surprise you, as it did me, to discover just how many pale pink lip products I had in my stash. A while back I had a little clear out and got rid of loads of lippies that I just can’t wear. The problem is that a pale lip product usually isn’t pigmented enough to cover my natural colour and so ends up looking like I have some sort of early 90s gik frosted lipstick on my lips. The reason I bought them all is because I saw a MAC sales assistant with the most beautiful pale pink super glossy lips and I wanted to recreate the look and kept searching for and buying products that I hoped would work. Sometimes you just have to work with what nature gave ya and try to enhance instead of completely change it. So now I look for lip products that are more “my lips but better”, but obviously I still want to have some fun and experiment with makeup. Plumful manages to do both.

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Plumful is a beautiful lustre, which is very moisturising on the lips. It is a pinky-plum shade that doesn’t look that amazing in the tube but is absolutely gorgeous on. There is a slight cool blue tone to balance the warm pink and make teeth look nice and white.

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This first pic is my natural bare lips, the rest are all with Plumful.

It’s not actually overwhelming on, so it would make a good day time lippie for those who wear lipstick daily. As I very rarely wear lipstick during the day, this would pack too much of a punch for my daytime look, so I reserve it for nights out or special occasions.


For anyone who is curious, the eyeshadow is MAC All That Glitters.


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