Pixy Natural Skincare: Lime versus Vanilla

Pixy Natural Skincare appeared on Dragons Den about a year ago and have become a real Irish success story. You can order from the website pixy.ie which offers free Irish deliver on orders over €10, or you can pop into one of their stockists. With new ones added regularly, there is bound to be one near you.
With so many skincare brands on the market, why try Pixy? Because the Pixy product range is made in Ireland and it’s made from natural ingredients. They say:
“We only use nature’s best in all our beauty products including moisturising shea butter and healing vitamin E oil to leave your skin soft and supple. We use essential oils, for their amazing fragrance – some energise you, others bring you back in harmony to calm you and soothe away the stress. Pixy is sheer indulgence leaving your skin glowing and renewed.”

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The Lime Body Scrub Cubes became an instant hit with bloggers, many of whom likened them to the Buffy bar from Lush, and I totally agree.  However there are a few reasons why I prefer them to Buffy. First, there isn’t a Lush anywhere near me and their delivery is steep for a bar of soap. Second, I like the packaging and that you use one cube at a time, leaving the rest in the package instead of having a bigger bar getting grubby hanging around the shower. Then there is the scent, the lime scent is just divine; it reminds me of lime flavoured Skittles. Warning can cause a craving for a Mojito or two. The great thing about these cubes and why they are likened to Buffy is that they exfoliate skin really well and leave it feeling seriously moisturised; so no need to slap on a tub of body butter after the shower and then wait for forever to get dressed, you’re good to go in one step.

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Upping the cuteness factor is the new Lime Body Scrub Hearts. They are essentially the same as the Lime Cubes but far more adorable.
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The Vanilla Mud Scrubs have been around for a while and I have been meaning to try them for ages but for some reason never got around to buying them until recently. The thing is, I love the scent of vanilla. I was hoping they would be as good as the lime scrubs and I wasn’t disappointed. As with the lime scrubs the Vanilla Mud Scrubs deliver excellent exfoliation and seriously moisturise skin leaving it feeling baby soft.
So with my love for all things vanilla scented, did I prefer the Vanilla Mud Scrubs? Surprisingly, it’s the zingy lime scent that wins with me but I am more than happy to use either.


Pixy have a large and varied range of skincare products at very reasonable prices. A pack of scrub cubes is €4.95 and the pack of hearts is €3.95. The scrubs along with their many other products, like the fizzy bath bombs in the picture, are definately worth checking out.

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