Friday Style: Pink and Green

I love trying out different colour combinations. There is nothing better than putting two colours together that you wouldn’t think would go and then absolutely loving the way they work with one another.

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

I’ve been in the habit of wearing purple and pink together a lot lately and I wanted to break free and try some new ideas. On a recent night out I wore this pink top from New Look and as luck would have it, this green necklace was sitting at top of my jewellery box. It was calling to me, try me with the pink top, please. I have to say, I think they look great together. They really compliment each other.


With that decided, I quickly grabbed my Michael Kors Clutch, which makes regular appearances on this blog (i.e. here, and here).


And of course a quick splattering of Angelica nail polish and I was good to go. I say splattering because I totally paint outside the lines. I’m brutal.



The only thing letting the outfit down is the shoes, as much as I love these ones from New Look, the ones I really need are these B Brian Atwood bad boys. They will be mine some day.


I love the crepe material and peplum style of this top. The necklace was bought while on holiday in Portugal and the Jeans are Dorothy Perkins.



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