Hitting the Road: Don’t Leave Your Personality Behind

Today’s post is a little bit different but may be aptly timed if (like me) you have eaten your body weight in chocolate eggs over the weekend. Don’t worry this is not going to turn into a fitness blog, I just wanted to show you how to have some fun with your gym kit. Now it is important to note that if you are thinking about starting to exercise or have just started YOU DO NOT NEED A LOAD OF EXPENSIVE GEAR!!! Some comfortable and loose fitting clothes and a pair of runners is all you need and you more than likely already have those. Make sure that you like and are going to stick with your chosen form of exercise before you spend any money.

That being said if you are doing something high impact like running regularly then you should think about getting advice on some decent runners. Specialist running shops like Amphibian King and some Elverys shops will watch you run to assess your gait and recommend runners but shop around for the best value. Below is a picture of mine; it’s not as much of a chore when you got cute shoes.


The only piece of kit I think you NEED is a decent sports bra, even if your exercise is low impact. It doesn’t matter if you are big or small chested a good bra is important. It will give you support, make you more comfortable and less self-conscious. You may think people are staring because you’re all red faced and sweaty but it’s more likely that all that bouncing (or wiggling and jiggling in the case of us smaller busted ladies) is what’s drawing the attention.

Sports bras no longer need to be ugly, the one I rate the most is the Panache Sports Bra. It’s not only the best support wise I’ve tried but it’s actually cute and comes in various colours. I like the hook in the back that gives you the option of bringing the straps together in the centre or not and it’s easy to undo. Racer back sports bras are quite difficult to pull off over your head when you are all sweaty.


I hate straps moving and sliding down when I’m training. I tried a Triumph Triaction but I needed to put the straps to their shortest from the first wear meaning that as they stretched with wearing and washing it became useless very quickly. At €40+ I was not best pleased.

Another one I like but don’t love is the Shock Absorber. The support is good but the hook in the centre to bring the straps in is just out of reach, making it awkward for me. It does however come is some fun colours.


Now on to the fun bit; novelty cycling jerseys. If you are not a cyclist, a cycling jersey can still be a good option due to the handy pockets at the lower back. They are the perfect size to hold a small bottle of water and snacks leaving your hands free if you are running or hiking. Make sure the jersey is fitted to minimise the bouncing of the things in the pockets.

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ebay and Amazon are good sites to look for good value on cycling jerseys.

I also like bright coloured tops for running. Not only are they more interesting than dark colours but they are practical in the sense that you are more visible when on the road.

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Headbands are a good way of keeping sweat off your face but not always easy to find in colours other than black, look out for dry fit or sweat wiking fabrics.


So go bright or go home. Don’t hide away in frumpy gear, be loud and proud that you are getting out and doing somthing. Sports gear can be expensive so shop around, outlets with last seasons colours are great as are the Aldi and Lidl offerings.


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