Clarins new Double Serum launched in Ireland in February. I purchased this serum seven weeks ago now and I have been using it day and night ever since. I wanted to give it a thorough testing before posting my review. Now I know there have already been loads of reviews of this product weeks ago from bloggers who received it to trial before it was available to buy, but I had to wait to buy mine and so having parted with €69.50, I’m going to tell you if I think it was money well spent.

So what’s the hype? The bottle has two 007-esque chambers housing both an oil based and a water based, high-tech age defying formulas. It has over 20 plant-based active ingredients. It promises younger looking skin by targeting 5 important areas: hydration, nutrition, oxygenation, protection and regeneration. This should all help to make your skin look smoother, firmer, and more even, while improving the appearance for fine lines, and minimising pores.

The pump dispenses the water and oil separately and you mix them when you rub your hands together to warm the serum as recommended. It is also recommended that instead of rubbing the serum in, you pat it in all over. Even though there is oil in it and I have oily skin, it does not make my skin feel or look greasy at all. It sinks in quickly and feels light on. But does it work?


I do love the serum but probably not for the right reasons. I love the scent. Clarins are known for their heavily perfumed cosmetics, which I’m not normally too fond of, but the smell of this is just gorgeous. I would love a diffuser in this scent. I also find it to be a great moisturiser, but in reality there are plenty of great moisturisers out there for a lot less than €69.50.

I think it has made my pores a bit smaller but it definitely has not helped reduce the pigmentation marks on the tops of my cheeks. I was really hoping it would. The dirty scould-ey frown mark between my eyebrows is every bit as noticeable as always and the crescent moon creeping across my forehead is still creeping. There is an immediate plumping of fine lines but unfortunately this is temporaty. After seven weeks I porbably have about two weeks left in the bottle, so not too shabby value wise.  I am still tempted to repurchase it, but I’m going to hold off as I have a sample size of Lancôme’s Visionnaire serum. If I like the sample I may buy the full size and see if that fares any better at easing the ravishes of time.


All in all it wasn’t a waste of money but it isn’t a holy grail status skincare product either. I’m still looking for the miracle in a bottle.



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