The moment I saw this post from British Beauty Blogger, I hot footed it over to the MAD beauty site, If you’re anything like me, a complete sucker for cute packaging, you won’t be able to resist buying loads from the site. All the lip balms and glosses come in the most adorable packaging.

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At £3.99 for the cocktail lip balms, £2.99 for the duck and penguin lip glosses and £1.99 for the ice cream gloss they won’t break the bank, even if you do end up wanting them all. Believe it or not there are loads more lippies  on the site that I didn’t buy such as the ugg boots and flip-flops.

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Now they are not high-end YSL glosses or super healing Nuxe lip balms, but they are nowhere near those prices either. However, they are surprisingly far better than I was expecting for the price.

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I assumed most of the cost was packaging and didn’t expect much from the actual products. The balms are good and moisturising and they last a few hours before I need to reapply. The glosses are subtle and more like a balm. They also last well enough and are moisturising, they are a bit sticky but not annoyingly so. The scents can be strong but it doesn’t last long and there isn’t really any taste off them.

??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

All in all they are good products for the price but the packaging is the real star, it’s so much fun to take one out of you bag in front of friends and watch their reaction.



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