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Today’s dress is my new favourite dress and probably my favourite outfit post so far. In fact I like it so much I find it hard to see how I’m going to top it anytime soon, but do keep reading future posts because I sure as hell will try.

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I love the colours and the print of the dress; it’s J’aime La Vie from Carraig Donn. One of the girls was complimenting it by saying that the colours were perfect for now; bright but not too bright. Nothing worse than walking into a shop on a cold, wet day and everything is super summery; taunting you.

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The neckline here is lovely, quite different from anything else that I have. The chain detail means there is no need for a necklace. I also love the fit, I feel like such a lady in this dress.

My nude court shoes are surprisingly comfortable and they stay on my heel, but they are from a local shoe shop, so not a recognisable brand.

The bracelet is Knight and Day, also from Carraig Donn, you may have noticed the matching necklace in this post.

This little bag is from Pennys, sure where would I be going without something from Pennys.


This is me wearing the dress on Saturday night with a dusky pink blazer from Awear.

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