This is the second in my All Time Favourites posts; you can read the first one here. I was going to leave it for a while before I posted this but after Monday’s #irishbbloggers chat I had a few new followers, so I thought it was a good time to do another post, which gives readers a better insight into me. As I said in the first one, these posts are about the products that continue to be my firm favourites long after the newness novelty has worn off and so should help you get to know me better by knowing what I really like.

MAC Peaches MAC Peaches MAC Peaches

MAC Peaches is my all time favourite blush, in fact it was my first MAC blush, I have a few more now but Peaches is still my favourite. Before buying Peaches I didn’t really wear blush, I usually just used a bit of bronzer on my cheeks for some colour (oh the things you learn with age). I read in a magazine that fair skinned ladies, like myself, should wear peach toned blushes as they suit us the best. So off I went to my nearest MAC counter and asked for a peachy blush. Well she heaped it upon me; she just kept dipping the brush into the pan and brushing it across my cheeks, again and again. Even though my cheeks were heavily overloaded with colour I knew the colour was perfect for me and I loved it. I just apply it with a gentler touch.

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

No blush

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

With Peaches

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

Peaches is a sheertone powder blush with a matte finish. It is, however, buildable from sheer to quite prominent, as I found out. The colour is what it says on the tin, its peach. Now I know many peach products can lead more pink but not this, I would say there is very little pink in it. The great thing about MAC powder blushes is that they last and last, I would never bring a MAC blush with me for a top up, I find its completely unnecessary.

So what is your favourite blush?


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