MAC Prep & Prime BB Cream MAC Prep & Prime BB Cream

If you read my post on Monday about my new makeup storage, you would know I recently organised my makeup and in the process found a few things I had forgotten about. Finding my MAC Prep & Prime BB cream couldn’t have been better timing. I originally bought this in the airport while heading on my holidays and it proved to be an excellent holiday companion. Now that summer has arrived here and the weather has been heating up over the last week or so, this is my new best friend.


MAC Prep & Prime BB cream has an SPF of 35, which is quite good in comparison to other BBs and foundations, which often have no sun protection at all. This Beauty Balm is a very light beige tinted cream, but it so sheer it will work for fair to medium skin tones. It blends perfectly on me now that I’m my usual pale but it also worked perfect when I actually had a tan. I’m not sure there are any BB skin care benefits, I think this meant to be more of a tinted primer than a true BB.

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(Bare Face)

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(With MAC Prep & Prime BB Cream)

This will come in handy if you are heading to the beach with some friends. A full face of makeup can look a bit OTT and just down-right silly at the beach but it’s hard to go out in public without a little something on as a security blanket. Just this BB on its own is enough to even out my skin tone; reducing redness and blueness. It’s enough to cover the pasty-ness, but subtle enough to look like there is nothing there.

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(With MAC Prep & Prime BB, MAC MSF Natural powder, concealer, blush, highlighter, & MAC omega for brows)

I know a lot of you will want to lighten up the load (so to speak) in terms of the amount of makeup you put on your face now that it’s summer. We all want to be fresh faced as we scamper through meadows with flowers in our hair. BB creams seem to be the preferred choice for many of us for the warmer days. I have been using this instead of my usual foundation; a little concealer, finishing powder, blush, highlighter and brow product and I’m good to go. Ok still a lot of products but needs must.

As you would expect from a MAC Prep and Prime product, this lasts really well throughout the day and evening, even now that it’s more humid. It even lasted well through a very sweaty run in the gym.

Are you making any changes to you makeup routine for the summer?



  1. It actually looks really, really nice compared to some of the other ones, I like that it evens out skintone without looking too ‘done’. Great review!

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