Long or Short?


I’m trying to decide if I should crop my hair up again. Here is a picture of me from a few years ago with my hair cropped and here is a recent pic with my hair long and straight as it usually is. I’m open to opinions on keeping it long or cropping it up again. What do you think?

7 thoughts on “Long or Short?

  1. Both look lovely, but I think I prefer the long hair on you! The crop does suit your face really well too, though What about getting some shorter layers put in around your face to give it a new shape, and have it hit your face sort of in the same way it does with the crop, while still keeping the length overall? I always find getting my hair properly shaped around my face gives it a lift!

  2. Thanks ladies for your lovely comments, you are too kind. I’m still undecided. I like how sleek the crop is but I also like being able curl and up style the long hair. I fancy a change so I’ll think about it a while longer before I do anything.

  3. I love the crop but I’d say if it takes your hair ages to grow and you’re not sure about it, keep it long. Mine was super long last year and I cut far too much off, really regret not being able to do different things with it!

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