This is the fourth of my “All Time Favourtie” posts (here are the links to the others, lipstick, blush, primer). Today we are talking about my favourite eye lid primer. I have very oily lids and without a primer my eye shadow will disappear off my lids and clump into the crease in less than a couple of hours. So for me there is absolutely no point in applying eye shadow without using a primer. I don’t bother with eye shadow on a daily basis so a primer does last me ages. I like to keep my makeup simple for day time and then go all out for nights out and special occasions.


Now I’ll be honest, I haven’t tried all that many eye lid primers and I actually own very few and that is because the first time I tried MAC paint pot in Painterly I was sold. It does the job for me perfectly and I see no reason to try and fix what’s not broken. In fact I’ve often, after a wedding in the wee hours of the morning, felt it was a shame to wash my face because my makeup looked as good if not better than it did when first applied earlier in the day. MAC paint pot in Painterly, keeps my eye shadow perfectly in place all day and night. I have found absolutely no cons with this.


A little goes a long way and a pot lasts ages. Now because it lasts me so long, I suppose it can dry out a bit, but it’s still usable, actually it’s probably better as it dries out.


Painterly basically is the same colour as my skin tone so it doesn’t look like there is anything on my lids so it could also be used alone to conceal any discolouration on the lids, like redness or blue tones. I usually brush a small bit of my finishing powder over it so the shadow applies and blends a bit smoother but it isn’t an issue if I don’t use the powder.


Painterly does exactly what I want it to do and I have no intention on shelling out money on another product that may or may not work as well as Painterly. None of the others I’ve tried have been as long lasting as Painterly, and some have been just a waste of money. I’ve found something I’m happy with and I’m sticking to it.

What is your favorite eye lid primer?



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