I was having a little dig through my stash when I spotted this little beauty which hasn’t been getting much love lately and I figured it was time to rectify that. If I am honest, I don’t wear lipstick that often, however that doesn’t stop me buying, loving and lusting after them. I see it in a magazine or on a blog, I want it, I buy it, I love it, and then I hardly ever wear it. There are a few reasons why I don’t wear lipstick on a regular basis but mainly because I drink a lot of water throughout the day so it wears off quickly, lack of wearing it means I feel it when it’s on my lips, making me very aware of it and I have a habit of biting my lips, which also makes it wear off quickly. Most of my lipsticks are the free ones you get when you “back to MAC”. I do really love and make a conscious effort to wear my MAC lipsticks but one range of lipsticks that I rate and have bought a few of is L’Oreal’s Color Riche range and today I showing you shade number 353, Blueberry Crystal.


Blueberry Crystal is an easy to wear nude shade with a hint of shimmer through it. The colour is well pigmented and the texture is soft and creamy and goes on smooth. It’s not drying on lips but it is not particularly hydrating either. It will only last a few hours before you need to reapply but L’Oreal are a purse friendly band and it’s not making any long wear promises.

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

(first Picture is my bare lips, I’m wearing Blueberry Crystal in the rest)

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

Do you rate L’Oreal Lipsticks? Which budget brand do you look to for lipstick? Don’t be afraid to suggest any you think I should check out.



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