Today I am showing you a really quick eye look that is perfect for both day and night. The best bit is it requires very little products and tools. I used two basic and relatively inexpensive brushes from Gosh. You could do this with one brush and your finger.

MAC Paint Pots Constructivist and Rubenesque
These paint pots are really handy because they last all day on me without a primer. Both of these shades are in MAC’s new Pro Longwear range but I bought them in the original paint pot line up a while ago. Constructivist is a “metallic brown with red pearl”. I wanted to use this to create a subtle contour to open the eyes for a soft daytime look. I used only a small amount in the crease and blended it well but you could go really heavy with this for a dark and dramatic look. I also used it to line the eyes. Rubenesque is a “golden peach with gold pearl”, which looks a bit like a rose gold on the skin. This is a beautiful colour for both day and night. So here they are in action:

MAC Paint Pots Constructivist and Rubenesque

Crease: MAC Paint Pot in Constructivist

Lid: MAC Paint Pot in Rubenesque

Liner: MAC Paint Pot in Constructivist

Lashes: Lancôme Hypnose Drama

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Do you use MAC paint pots? Are there any other shades you think I should try out?



I don’t know why blue is the colour of sadness because it can be so bright and vibrant. Blue is also currently having a moment and is shaping up to be on trend right through autumn and winter. I’m taking advantage of the mild weather for as long as it lasts and using the opportunity to wear all my blazers while they are still enough of a cover up.

This gorgeous cobalt blue blazer is from Mango. I love the military style gold buttons on this.

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The floral print t-shirt is from Awear. I’m not usually a huge fan of florals but I love the mirror style print on this T, the mix of colours is stunning. One thing to point out is that I would usually be a medium in Awear but this t-shirt is a small.

You have seen this turquoise necklace in a few posts. I think it works well with the aqua tones in the print.

Gold Tipped Pumps Gold Tipped Pumps

The shoes are a recent purchase. I bought them while on holiday in Portugal.

Will you be working blue this season?


Olay Anti-Wrinkle  - Instant Wrinkle Smoother

Last week I told you about the new Olay CC cream that I have been using and loving since I got back from holiday. Now I am going to tell you about Olay’s Anti-Wrinkle Instant Wrinkle Smoother, which I have been partnering with the CC cream to help restore my skin from its blotchy and dehydrated state back to its usual combo to oily self. I was originally going to write about both of these in one post because I think they work so well together but the post ended up being way too long so I decided that each of these products deserved their own post.

Olay Anti-Wrinkle  - Instant Wrinkle Smoother
When this was first sent to me and before I read the details on the box, I assumed it was just a primer. It is actually a daily moisturiser and primer in one; hence the 2 in 1 on the bottle. As I said before, I do love a multi-tasker; probably because I’m not all that good at multi-tasking myself. Just as you would expect from Olay, this is a really good moisturiser that provides all day hydration. It also instantly plumps the skin and blurs the appearance of wrinkles. This pale blue cream has fancy pants sciencelight diffusing silicone particles – scattering light they lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles”. In other words it plumps skin and blurs lines making it a great base under my makeup. My foundation sits really well over this and doesn’t settle into any fine lines.

The 2 in 1 actually refers to the instant and the long term benefits of this moisturiser. With vitamins B3 and B5 along with “Niacinamide the formula helps strengthen the skin’s barrier function”, which “smoothes the skins texture and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles over time”. I love that this one product is essential three products in one; all for €15.75. Its great value when you consider that you can skip primer when you use this daily moisturiser and be confident in the long term anti-aging benefits it is giving to your skin. While I have been using it under the Olay CC Cream a lot lately, it also works equally well under my normal foundation; Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra 24 Hour.
Have you tried Olay Anti-Wrinkle – Instant Wrinkle Smoother yet? Are you tempted?


The nights are getting longer and the days are getting colder, it’s time to prepare for the winter. The weeks are flying by and the frost will be here before you know it. Now is the time to stock up on tinned goods. NO! I’m not talking about tomato soup and beans, I mean these:

These gorgeous little tins of goodness are from Pixy Natural Skincare. These were sent to me to try but I am already familiar Pixy Natural Skincare because I have purchased some of their gorgeous products. If you haven’t heard about Pixy yet, their products are handmade in Ireland from natural ingredients such as shea butter, cocoa butter, sweet almond oil, vitamin E oil and essential oils. Their products are stocked in pharmacies across the country or you can purchase the full range from their website.

Pixi Coconut Hand Cream and Lemon Cuticle Balm

Pixi Coconut Hand Cream and Lemon Cuticle Balm
So first up I want to show you two lovely products for your hands; the Coconut Hand Cream and Lemon Cuticle Balm. While these are great products to use all year round they are especially important to have to hand in the cold weather when your digits are constantly exposed to the elements. Going from one extreme to next, from central heating to the cold frost, wreaks havoc on your poor handies. Both of these melt into the skin quickly without any greasiness. They moisturise and nourish the skin really well. They smell amazing! The scent is quite strong in the tin but fear not, the scent is far more subtle on the skin, but the scent does last a long time so I find myself sniffing my hands throughout the day, like a weirdo (weirdo and proud!). These two work perfectly and smell great together. The best bit is because they are made from natural oils, they are antibacterial. Take that colds and flues. (I only noticed that they are antibacterial while writing this post so now I will be using them even more since I’ve been meaning to get a sanitising hand gel because everyone around me seems to have some sort of bug lately.) The Coconut Hand Cream leaves my hands really soft and thanks to the Lemon Cuticle Balm my cuticles look better than they have in a long time.

Pixi Lip Balms
Now on to the Lip Balms. I love these!  I had already purchased and have been using the Mint one for a while now so I was delighted to be sent some other flavours (all the flavours: Chocolate, Strawberry, Coconut, Honey and Mint). A little goes a long way and a tin will last ages. When I first got the Mint Lip balm it quickly healed my chapped lips and they haven’t been chapped since. This is impressive considering I love getting outdoors for a run, cycle or hike. Cycling especially is an enemy of the lips but it’s not a problem anymore. I’ve only recently realised how important it is that our lip products are made from natural ingredients considering how much of the product we actually end up ingesting. Like all of Pixy’s other products these are made with natural ingredients such as beeswax and cocoa butter along with shea, almond, and vitamin E oils.

Pixi Lip Balms(Clockwise Mint, honey, Strawberry, Coconut)

Pixy’s prices are, in my opinion, spot on. The Coconut Hand Cream is €9.99, The Lemon Cuticle Balm is €5.99 and the Lip Balms are €3.99 each. A little goes a long way with all these so they are good value for money. The great thing about all these products are that they are solids and that makes them handbag and (if you are lucky enough to be travelling) hand luggage friendly. Also the tins have screw caps so once you close them right, they can’t accidentally open in your handbag; they won’t ruin your handbag and can’t get ruined in your bag. Win, win.
Have you tried any Pixy products? What are your favourites?


I really like this top but funnily enough, when I wear it, my husband compliments it a lot. If I’m doing the whole, what’ll I wear thing, he usually suggests this top. It’s always surprising when your partner notices and actually says that they like what you’re wearing. Usually when I ask if something looks nice and he says yes, I get the impression he is just saying yes so I don’t go and change and we can actually leave the house. I have worn this top out with jeans but here is how I wore it on a recent night out.

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In fairness it is a gorgeous top. The green colour is so bright and vibrant and lace detail is delicate and pretty. You also have the contrast of the strong, almost neon green with the black. The top is from boohoo.com

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This skirt is from Awear. I love the lace and think it works well with the top. I was looking for a skirt like this for a while now and finally spotted it in Awear when I least expected it.


The shoes are from New Look. Once again I am loving these pointed toe courts with just about everything.


The strong colour and lots of lace make for a lot of detail so I thought accessories might be overkill. I just brought little black Guess bag..


Olay Total Effects CC Cream

When I arrived back from a sun holiday, this little beauty was waiting for me. This was sent to me to try and the timing couldn’t be more perfect. As wonderful as it is to spend ten days laying in the sun during the day and having a few drinks every night, it comes at a cost to the skin. Thanks to the sun, heat, heavy sun creams, alcohol and air conditioning both in the hotel and on the airplane, my skin has been left red, blotchy, dehydrated and covered in freckles. Putting it nicely, I’m looking a bit rough, but in truth, I’m down right haggard.
Olay’s new addition to the Total Effects range is a CC cream. The tag line is “Anti-Ageing + Beauty Balm = Complexion Correction”. Sounds like exactly what I need and I do love a multi-tasker. The Total Effects CC Cream instantly improves the appearance of the skin with sheer coverage that colour corrects and also seriously moisturises the skin but it doesn’t sink into wrinkles and fine lines. Over time the key ingredient Niacinamide is “proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, minimise pore size, as well as decreasing the appearance of hyper-pigmented spots”.

Olay Total Effects CC Cream
I have been using this since I got home and I really like it. The coverage is sheer so it’s not going to cover up all my new freckles but it is certainly great at evening out the redness and blotchy spots. It feels a bit wet when first applied but it settles quickly and feels light, moisturising and comfortable on the skin. It’s certainly helping to correct the dehydration and return my skin to its normal combo oily self. It lasts really well throughout the day. I think those of you with dry skin will get on well with this. Some of you who prefer to keep your base light and simple will love this with nothing more than a bit of mascara and blush. However I prefer more coverage so I have been using it instead of foundation I then apply some MAC Mineralise Skin Finish Natural over it as a finishing powder, followed by some blush and then fill in my brows. It comes in two shades, Fair to Medium, which is what I have, and Medium to Dark and retails at €19.25.

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(L-R bare face, with Olay Total Effects CC Cream, finished with MAC Skin Finish, blush, brows filled in)

I have to say I love the finished look with this; it feels and looks light and natural. The price is good considering its a base and skin care in one. So will you be giving it a try?


I have mentioned before that I don’t have any particular concerns with the skin on my body, and that I usually don’t use a body moisturiser on a regular basis. I prefer to save such products for when I want to treat and pamper myself. So how did I end up with this Caudalie Divine Oil? Let me set the scene: I’m in the hairdresser, which happens to also be a beauty parlour that sells an extensive range of products from quite a few high end brands. My colour has just been applied and my stylist has left me with a heap of celebrity gossip magazines, when a beautician comes over and offers me a complimentary hand treatment. Obviously I want a complimentary hand treatment, I don’t know what exactly she is offering but I want it. The treatment is basically her massaging this oil into my hands and telling me how wonderful the oil is. Easy sale to a soft soap or what!

Caudalie Divine Oil
So apparently the benefits of this oil are that it’s quite versatile and can be used from head to toe. It is a dry oil, meaning it’s absorbed by the skin quickly, without leaving any feeling of tackiness. Not only can you massage it into your skin but you can also use it to nourish ends of your hair, your nails and cuticles, and even add it to baths. “The unique alchemy of four natural oils—grape oil, extra-virgin argan oil, extra-virgin hibiscus oil, and sesame oil—engage closely with the skin to ensure that the benefits are truly complete.”

Caudalie Divine Oil

As lovely as all that is, the truth here is that the only reason I bought it, is because I instantly fell in love with the smell. The subtle fragrance will make you swoon as it caresses your skin. I’m not great at describing scents but I’ll try with a little help from the ingredients. I find there is a freshness created by a hit of rose, a burst of grapefruit, and some spicy pink pepper, but then there is also warmth from the cedar, vanilla, and white musk.
I save this for an occasional treat but when I use it, I smother myself from head to toe in it. A little goes a long way and it is a large bottle so I’ve had it for a good while now (it was €35 for 100ml). It really does hydrate and nourish the skin. My skin feels so soft and smooth when I use it and I love that it drys quickly. It really is a lovely luxurious treat for my skin.
Have you tried any dry oils?