As expected I bought a few accessories while I was on holiday in Portugal, but surprisingly not as much as anticipated. I feel I was really quite restrained, but with statement necklaces being such a big trend, I took the opportunity to pick up one or three. Strangely enough I only bought one pair of shoes; don’t worry, I’m not sick or anything. So here are some pictures of what I got:

Gold Filigree Statement Necklace Gold Filigree Statement Necklace

This gold filigree statement necklace with a huge pearl centre surround by diamantes was my first purchase. I have been looking for a gold statement necklace for a while. I think they look great with a dark coloured (especially dark blue) round neckline. This one will also look great with a lower or v-neckline because the shape kind of comes to a point.

Black Diamante and Velvet Strip Statement Necklace Black Diamante and Velvet Strip Statement Necklace

I like that this necklace will add a bit of edge to any outfit. There is a fair bit of detail here with the black stones, the velvet strips and the chain link wrapping all around.

Teal and Plum Jewel Statement Necklace Teal and Plum Jewel Statement Necklace Teal and Plum Jewel Statement Necklace

Purple and green are my two equally favourite colours, so it was immediately love when I saw this piece with teal and plum jewels. I can’t wait to wear this out. Someone take me out! Please.

Gold Tipped Pumps Gold Tipped Pumps

These pumps were too cute to leave behind. I’ve been on the lookout for blue pumps but have only seen plain ones. The gold tips on these added a bit of interest and class. They can look really dressy for flat shoes.

Macaroons Macaroons

Technically, macaroons are not accessories but with their bright and pretty colours there was no way I was going to pass by these without snapping a few up. I was impressed that they were €1 each or €5.50 for 6; I’ve never bought macaroons in Brown Thomas because they seem so extravagantly expensive for what are essentially biscuits. I have to say I am hooked now because they are so yummy!

So what have been your best holiday purchases?



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