I have mentioned before that I don’t have any particular concerns with the skin on my body, and that I usually don’t use a body moisturiser on a regular basis. I prefer to save such products for when I want to treat and pamper myself. So how did I end up with this Caudalie Divine Oil? Let me set the scene: I’m in the hairdresser, which happens to also be a beauty parlour that sells an extensive range of products from quite a few high end brands. My colour has just been applied and my stylist has left me with a heap of celebrity gossip magazines, when a beautician comes over and offers me a complimentary hand treatment. Obviously I want a complimentary hand treatment, I don’t know what exactly she is offering but I want it. The treatment is basically her massaging this oil into my hands and telling me how wonderful the oil is. Easy sale to a soft soap or what!

Caudalie Divine Oil
So apparently the benefits of this oil are that it’s quite versatile and can be used from head to toe. It is a dry oil, meaning it’s absorbed by the skin quickly, without leaving any feeling of tackiness. Not only can you massage it into your skin but you can also use it to nourish ends of your hair, your nails and cuticles, and even add it to baths. “The unique alchemy of four natural oils—grape oil, extra-virgin argan oil, extra-virgin hibiscus oil, and sesame oil—engage closely with the skin to ensure that the benefits are truly complete.”

Caudalie Divine Oil

As lovely as all that is, the truth here is that the only reason I bought it, is because I instantly fell in love with the smell. The subtle fragrance will make you swoon as it caresses your skin. I’m not great at describing scents but I’ll try with a little help from the ingredients. I find there is a freshness created by a hit of rose, a burst of grapefruit, and some spicy pink pepper, but then there is also warmth from the cedar, vanilla, and white musk.
I save this for an occasional treat but when I use it, I smother myself from head to toe in it. A little goes a long way and it is a large bottle so I’ve had it for a good while now (it was €35 for 100ml). It really does hydrate and nourish the skin. My skin feels so soft and smooth when I use it and I love that it drys quickly. It really is a lovely luxurious treat for my skin.
Have you tried any dry oils?


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