As expected I bought a few accessories while I was on holiday in Portugal, but surprisingly not as much as anticipated. I feel I was really quite restrained, but with statement necklaces being such a big trend, I took the opportunity to pick up one or three. Strangely enough I only bought one pair of shoes; don’t worry, I’m not sick or anything. So here are some pictures of what I got:

Gold Filigree Statement Necklace Gold Filigree Statement Necklace

This gold filigree statement necklace with a huge pearl centre surround by diamantes was my first purchase. I have been looking for a gold statement necklace for a while. I think they look great with a dark coloured (especially dark blue) round neckline. This one will also look great with a lower or v-neckline because the shape kind of comes to a point.

Black Diamante and Velvet Strip Statement Necklace Black Diamante and Velvet Strip Statement Necklace

I like that this necklace will add a bit of edge to any outfit. There is a fair bit of detail here with the black stones, the velvet strips and the chain link wrapping all around.

Teal and Plum Jewel Statement Necklace Teal and Plum Jewel Statement Necklace Teal and Plum Jewel Statement Necklace

Purple and green are my two equally favourite colours, so it was immediately love when I saw this piece with teal and plum jewels. I can’t wait to wear this out. Someone take me out! Please.

Gold Tipped Pumps Gold Tipped Pumps

These pumps were too cute to leave behind. I’ve been on the lookout for blue pumps but have only seen plain ones. The gold tips on these added a bit of interest and class. They can look really dressy for flat shoes.

Macaroons Macaroons

Technically, macaroons are not accessories but with their bright and pretty colours there was no way I was going to pass by these without snapping a few up. I was impressed that they were €1 each or €5.50 for 6; I’ve never bought macaroons in Brown Thomas because they seem so extravagantly expensive for what are essentially biscuits. I have to say I am hooked now because they are so yummy!

So what have been your best holiday purchases?


If you read Monday’s post then you will know that I have been playing with liquid and gel eyeliners lately. During the course of my trials and lots of errors, I have come to rely on this little beauty a lot. Lancôme Bi Facial Eye Makeup Remover has been around for a while and has quite a cult following. I received it as part of a gift with purchase. Actually Lancôme do really good gifts with purchase, usually containing a few decent trial sizes of skincare and makeup. I prefer a one step do it all cleanser so I don’t often bother with a separate eye makeup remover unless I wearing something particularly hard to remove like waterproof, non smudging, or glittery eye products.

Lancome Bi Facial

Bi Facial is really good at getting all the gunk off quickly. It’s a two phase product that you shake to mix both liquids together, apply it to a cotton pad and I like to hold it to my eye for a few seconds before I wipe. I don’t usually need to rub much, it gererally cleans all the makeup off in one go. Bi Facial is really gentle and never irritates my eyes. I I don’t know why it says non oily because it is totally oily. The oily bit is probably why it works so well.  I also dip a Q-tip in to it when I need to clean or tidy up any mistakes I made with liner. The only thing is that it leaves a residue that won’t allow you to reapply liner straight away, so I usually wipe the area with the dry side of the Q-tip and apply a bit of power before trying the liner again.

Lancome Bi Facial

While I am not one for using a liquid or gel liner everyday, I know a lot of ladies wouldn’t leave the house without a perfect flick.  I probably won’t ever need to purchase a full size bottle of this stuff because it is nearly always one of the items in the Lancôme gifts and I almost exclusively use Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra 24 hour foundation, so its quite likely I’ll get enough trial sizes to keep me going. It is however, a good option for those of you who do use liquid liner or waterproof mascara very regularly. A full size is about €28 and a little goes a long way. While its not cheap, its not expensive if you have sensitive eyes.

What eye makeup removers have you tied?


L'Oreal Blackcuster

I’ve always been a bit afraid of liquid formula eyeliners. Lining my eyes is one of the last things I do when applying my makeup. I do all my face stuff first, then my eyes and eyeliner and mascara are the final two products. So I fear making a mistake with a thick black liquid, because if I can’t tidy it up, I’ll need to wash my face and start again. (I know I could do my eyes first but habits are hard to break, it feels all wrong) For me, pencil is just so much easier to work with and tidy up if need be. You can always smudge eye shadow over pencil liner to soften the look but liquid liner is supposed to be sharp and precise. The line is supposed to be perfect and a steady hand I am not. I never would have made it as a surgeon, even if I was smart enough.

L'Oreal Super Liner Blackbuster

I won a bunch of L’Oreal goodies on a while back and this was one of the products in the pack. Immediately I thought Blackbuster would be the end of my liquid eyeliner fears because it’s “an intense graphic eyeliner, with a striking black pigment that lasts for 8 hours. Inspired to re-create a catwalk look, with the thickest liner yet. An error proof, smooth guide, easy to use marker pen. The innovative “black ink formula” creates a striking bold look, which lasts. The formula also enables an easy to apply and remove application.” Error proof sounds right up my alley! Surprisingly you can get a very narrow line with the tip of the marker, or press the side of the nib to your skin to get a much ticker line.


While it does glide on smooth, lasts all day and it is easy to remove, I’m not sure I would say error proof but maybe the problem here is me. I have been practising and I am getting better. I thought the thickness of the marker would make it easier to use but now I’m thinking maybe it’s more of a hindrance. Well anyway it is a good product and I’m sure someone with a steadier hand and more practice under their belt will probably find this a cinch to use.

So here it is in action:

?????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

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Products used:




Primer: MAC Painterly
Crease: MAC Blackberry
Lid: MAC Jest
Brows: MAC Omega
Liner Upper Lashes: L’Oreal Blackbuster
Liner Lower Lashes: MAC Coffee
Mascara: Lancôme Hypnose Drama

How do you get on with liquid liners and what’s your favorite one?


This is the fourth of my wedding guest inspiration posts, here are the links to the first, second and third ones. The purpose of these posts is to give you some ideas on how to mix and match your accessories and dresses to get more value and wear out of them.


This green dress is by Adrianna Papell and I bought it from Nordstroms in the January sale.  I’m jumping on the band wagon here as nearly every other dress on the Rose of Tralee was green. The darker colour of this dress is probably more appropriate for a wedding that is outside of summer: I wore it to a wedding in mid March. There is a lot of beautiful detail in this dress. I love the pleated one shoulder and the twist at the waist creates some very flattering pleats across the tummy. I’m sure you’ll find similar dresses hitting the shops in the Autumn Winter ranges.

And now to accessorize it. First up, we have the berry pink. While bright fuchsia would work well, I have a richer berry toned pink.



The wrap and bag are Star by Julien McDonald at Debenhams.  The shoes are Menbur and I have made no secret of my love for Menbur shoes.


The necklace and earrings are from Boots.

Second, we have purple



This blazer is by Cutie and I got it from I got the bag in Penneys/Primark ages ago. Since the previous Wedding Guest Style posts I’m managed to find the perfect purple dressy shoes. They are from Shoes of Prey ( and thats a website that allows you to design your own shoes and they make them for you to your specifications. Totes cool but not the cheapest but at least you are paying to get exactly what you want (you can spend ages playing around with designs, I didn’t go mad with the design so they will work with lots of outfits).

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

The necklace and earrings are from Pulse Accessories. The colour of the jewellery is actually a darker purple in real life but its hard to capture in photos.

Finally is orange.


The shoes are Kurt Geiger, the wrap, fascinator, and bag are from Glitzi Bitz.

The earrings and ring are amber and from eBay. This necklace is from Gerards.

Have you any other colours to suggest to wear with teal?



Today I have another eye shadow from MAC . In case you haven’t noticed I love MAC eye shadows, they never let me down. I’ve never been disappointed with any MAC eye shadow, the colours are always great, they blend well, they last all day, there is little to no fall out and are always perfectly pigmented. Below I have the colour Woodwinked to show you. This is a gorgeous antique gold neutral that would work well with any eye colour but as you will see it really brings out the green in my eyes.


Products Used:


MAC Painterly: Eye lid Primer

MAC Woodwinked : Lid

MAC Mulch: Crease

MAC Coffee: Liner

Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara

MAC Omega: Brows


??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????

Dior Addict Jet Set MAC Peaches

MAC Peaches: Blush

Dior Addict Jet Set: Lips

What’s been your experience with MAC eye shadows? Any others you think I should try?


This in shower moisturiser has been out for a few months now and I’ve seen it on a few blogs, but if I’m being honest I thought it was a bit gimmicky. At first I had no intention of buying it but then saw it in Tesco and well curiosity got the better of me. It retails at about €6 for 400mls but I’ve seen it on offer in a few places.

Nivea In-Shower Moisturiser

Normally I don’t have any particular concerns with the skin on my body; I don’t suffer from dry skin, eczema, or sensitivity etc. So I wouldn’t usually use a body moisturiser on a regular basis. I really couldn’t be bothered with the ritual of slapping it on after every shower and waiting for it to dry into my skin before I can get dressed, especially when I don’t need to. I usually save body lotions and the like for when I feel like a bit of a pamper session.

Lately I’ve been doing a lot more extended training outdoors. I’m training for an adventure race in November. I’m not looking for a pat on the back, I’m just pointing out that my longer cycles, hikes and runs have me exposed to the elements more than normal and so I have some new skin care concerns. I’m spending extended periods of time being exposed to sun, wind and rain and I figured I would need to start using moisturiser more often.

Nivea In-Shower Moisturiser

The idea behind this is that after your usual body wash, you apply this all over, leave it a minute and then rinse it off. It’s kind of like a hair conditioner but for your body. After your shower, there is no waiting around, you can get dressed and go. Which is kind of why I picked it up, it appeals to the part of me that doesn’t want to be waiting around for a heavy moisturiser to dry into my skin.

Is it any good? While my skin does feel softer and more hydrated than if I had used nothing, but it’s nowhere near as moisturised as it would be if I actually used a normal moisturiser. It’s quick and handy and it’s serving my current needs and there is a gentle mineral spa-like scent, which I really like. I not sure it would work well enough for someone with particular skin concerns. There is a dry skin version but I went with the regular one since it is still kinda summer. I figured the dry skin version might be too heavy but it may be a better option when winter sets in.

Have you tried it yet or are you planning on picking it up?