MAC Sheen Supreme Impressive

It’s amazing what you find while rummaging in your stash that you have forgotten all about. I was looking for a lip product in a more autumnal shade than the bright corals that I have been wearing lately. Low and behold I found this little beauty.

MAC Sheen Supreme Impressive MAC Sheen Supreme Impressive

MAC Sheen Supreme lipsticks have the colour impact of a lipstick with the shine of a lip gloss. Two in one means you buy one product that does the work of two, in theory should result in a smaller makeup collection, however the reality is I am still going to buy loads more products and end up with overflowing makeup drawers. This lipstick is extremely creamy and pigmented. It applies easily and feels light weight and silky on. The lasting power isn’t great, however no worse than other lipsticks but it fades evenly enough. The only down side is that it’s very soft so it will wear quickly and could break easily.

MAC Sheen Supreme Impressive
The shade Impressive is described on the MAC website as “neutral gilded plum”. I would say it’s more of a rosy brown. I often find the descriptions on the MAC website don’t really fit with how I translate the colours. I’m just not seeing plum in Impressive. When it comes to buying cosmetics online I always try to see and swatch it in reality first or at least look at as many swatches online as I can find. Lighting, filters and flashes can really affect how a colour appears in a photo, not to mention your own screen colour settings. My photos below are taken by a window for natural light without a flash or filters.

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

(Bare lips in first picture, all the rest with Impressive)

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

What shades are you wearing for autumn? Have you tried any of the Sheen Supreme lipsticks?



  1. I haven’t tried them – it’s much easier to avoid MAC as it’s not in department stores. Dreading the next time I lose control and wander in, these look gorgeous x

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