Pixy Soothing Body Balm

Today I have another tin of Pixy goodness to tell you about. I’ve told you before that I don’t usually have dry skin. I may have also mentioned once or twice (or ten times) that I am training for an adventure race (Westport Sea 2 Summit), which takes place on November 9th. It was particularly windy last Saturday while I was out hiking and cycling for four hours. To say my skin was a little dry when I got home is putting it mildly. While not quite suffering from frost bite, my hands weren’t far off chapped. Let’s just say I am more than grateful that the Pixy Soothing Body Balm was sent to me the week before too bad I hadn’t tried it before heading out.

Pixy Soothing Body Balm
Pixy’s Soothing Body Balm is packed full of all kinds of natural ingredients to protect, moisturise and heal the skin. It has Cocoa and Shea Butters along with Calendula Natural Oil for deep hydration. There is also Ylang Ylang and Lavender Essential Oils, which are antiseptic and help heal skin without blocking pores. While it’s called a balm, the texture is more like a light mousse, so it’s easy to apply and quickly absorbed, not to mention a little goes a long way. At €12.99 for 100ml its good value considering how little you need to cover a large area; a tin should last ages.

I have been slathering this all over after my shower but I am also using it more regularly on my hands instead of my usual hand cream. My hands now look like Saturday never happened and the rest of my skin is also really soft and hydrated. I will definitely be continuing to use this to protect my skin from the cold and wind (along with getting proper full finger cycling gloves, of course).

Have you tried this yet? What do you use when skin gets rough?



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