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Its Friday again, squee! There has been a lot of talk about tartan this autumn, apparently it’s big. If like me, red just isn’t your colour then don’t worry because tartan comes in loads of colours other than the obvious red. I’ve seen a gorgeous green and purple tartan skirt, but it’s a similar skater shape to this skirt that I am showing you today, so I’m holding out in hopes that I find a skirt in the same colour but different shape.

This skirt is Savida from Dunnes. I love the pleats and buttons on this. It’s the little details that can make a piece stand out. People are surprised when I say it’s from Dunnes (no offense Dunnes).

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This ASOS polo is no ordinary black polo. There are lots of little details that make this anything but plain, such as the pleated neck and covered buttons with a keyhole at the back, as well as the pleating on the front and ¾ sleeves.

These slouchy suede-like boots are from Penneys. They are definitely not real suede but that doesn’t matter because they were inexpensive, however they are actually comfortable and I love the look of them. I love them so much I bought a spare black pair for when these fall apart as well as a dark brown pair and a pair in beige. What can I say I love a slouchy boot.

Are you rocking any tartan this autumn? Any nice pieces you think I should check out?



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