Max Factor Wild Shadow Pencils

(top to bottom: Savage Silver, Brazen Gold, Caramel Rage, Vicious Moss, Fierce Lime, Blue Ice Fury, Bold Sapphire)

Want to meet my new favourite things? Last week I was lucky enough to be sent Max Factor’s new Wild Shadow Pencils from their Wild Collection and I haven’t stopped playing with them since. These bad boys are gel pencils that can be used either as eyeliner, or all over the lid as a shadow. There are so many options with these, I’ve smudged them roughly with my finger, blended carefully with brushes and drawn more precise lines with the tip sharpened. They are soft and creamy; they blend easily and don’t drag on your lid. The fact that they are a pencil makes them ideal for chucking in your bag so you can later transform your look from day to night when heading straight out after work, which is more likely to happen over the upcoming festive period. They take up very little space in your bag, you don’t need any other tools and unlike little eye shadow pots, won’t break open and spill coloured powder all over the inside of your bag.


The colours are very bright and vibrant; however they are surprising wearable for both day and night. On Friday morning, I didn’t have enough time to apply eye makeup, but like a spoilt child, I had to get at least one of the colours on my face, I was dying to try them. So I scribbled Caramel Rage (05) on my lid, rubbed quickly with my finger and they quickly lined my eyes with Vicious Moss (13); it took only a matter of seconds. I was heading out later that night but my makeup was still perfect so I just went over the eyes again with the pencils. The pictures below are of the night look, I never got around to taking a picture earlier in the day.

??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????

For the look below, I blended Savage Silver (25) into the crease and then lined around my eyes with it. I put a small sweep of Brazen Gold (40) in the center of the lid.

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

I used the two blues in this last look. I was both curious and afraid of the blue. I like it on other people but I’m always afraid it will make me look like a granny so I went with a softly, softly approach with these two. I lined my eyes with Bold Sapphire (35) and blended it into the outer corners. I then blended Blue Ice Fury (45) across the lid.

??????????????????????????????? OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I have oily lids so I always use MAC Paint Pot in Painterly as a primer. The shadows pencils last really well over Painterly; I’m well impressed with the lasing power. I have seven of the eight shades, the other one is Unlimited Pink (20). I haven’t gotten around to using Fierce Lime (10) yet but it is a gorgeous colour and I will show you a look with it soon. They are €7.49 each. How many will you be buying?



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