Max Factor Whipped Creme Foundation

Way back when I was a broke student and all I could afford was a budget brand foundation my foundation of choice was Max Factor. Being honest though, it was the best of a bad bunch. Now that I have a pay check going into my bank account every week, I am a bit of a foundation snob. Budget brand cosmetics have really come a long way since those days, offering quality products at purse friendly prices. But as I said I’m a bit of a foundation snob so I very rarely buy a foundation that’s not from a luxury brand. For me to buy it there needs to be a lot of hype and good reviews saying its perfect my combo oily skin. On the other hand, if its sent to me to try, like this was, I waste no time in getting it on my face because at heart, I’m a beauty junkie and I love trying new things.

Max Factor Whipped Creme Foundation Max Factor Whipped Creme Foundation

This is the first whipped crème / mousse type foundation that I have tried and even though I know Max Factor have been turning out some little gems lately, I was still really surprised. I thought the formula would be fussy and awkward to blend in but I was wrong; it’s so easy to work with, and blends evenly in seconds. The coverage is medium and buildable but it feels really light on the skin. They call the finish demi-matte, which to me means not chalky but not shiny and greasy either; it’s that perfect balance in between. The lasting power is pretty good too. I always use MAC Mineralise Skinfinish Natural as a finishing powder. Without the finishing powder it lasts the whole work day, and with it, it lasts longer than I’m willing to stay awake.
The pictures below show just why I am so impressed with this little pot. It photographs really well. I thought the pictures with the foundation came out blurred the first time so I photographed it again a second day only to realise it’s the foundation that blurs imperfections in the pictures. That’s why you can’t see any pores or lines; it’s not down to any fancy filters or other settings on the camera. All the settings are the same in all the pictures. The first picture is my bare face, in case you can’t tell. The second is with just the Max Factor Whipped Creme Foundation and the third is when I used the Whipped Creme foundation instead of my usual foundation in my normal makeup routine, which is foundation, concealer, finishing powder, contouring under cheek bones, blush, brows filled in, and highlighter under brow bones and on top of cheek bones.

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The good news is it’s €12.99. So will you be running or walking to get it?



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