???????????????????????????????Hope you all are not too Max Factored out yet. This is the last item from the Wild collection that I have to show you. I know many bloggers would have done one post on the whole range but I just couldn’t. My eyes are my favourite feature and so I am especially partial to eye makeup. When I was sent all these products from the Wild collection I was so excited that I wanted to show you as many of the Shadow Pencils and Shadow Pots in action (and on my eyes) as I could instead of just swatching everything on my hands. So here it is, the Max Factor Wild Mega volume Mascara.

Max Factor Wild Maga Volume Mascara Max Factor Wild Maga Volume Mascara
First thing to note is the unusual hourglass shape wand. If I’m honest I thought this would be a pain to work with but actually it makes application, especially in the corners, really easy. I also didn’t realise that it was water resistant at first because my normal cleanser (La Roche Posay Physiological Foaming Water) takes it all off without any problem. The formula is priest socks black and adds length and volume. My natural lashes are quite full and long but they are also light brown with blonde tips so they are barely visible. I keep meaning to get them tinted but for now I’ll stick to this. For day time I apply one coat for a subtle but finished look. I think my eyes look weird with eye shadow but no mascara. For night time full on volume and glamour, I layer up a few coats wiggled through my lashes. Clumps are at a minimum with this and there is no fallout. It’s a really good mascara full stop but for €8.99, it’s an excellent mascara for the price. So here are some pictures of it in action.


No Mascara

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

One coat for daytime

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

Layered for night time

Apologies for the state of my eyebrows, I’m planning on getting them threaded and I want value for money.

Have you tried this yet? What’s your favourite budget brand mascara?



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