Aussie Miracle Recharge RangeI’ve been talking about hair care products a lot lately. The reason being is that up until a few years ago, I always kept my hair long. Unfortunately it was scraggly from not getting regular cuts and not looking after it properly. When I got my hair cut up to a bob, I had to get regular trims to keep the shape of the style. This meant that my hair looked really healthy thanks to getting the dead and split ends trimmed off every few weeks. Now that I have grown my hair out long again, I am determined to stop it from getting scraggly again. Because I want to keep the length, I am reluctant to get it trimmed too often. Anytime you ask for a bit of a trim the hairdresser always takes off way more than you wanted to part with and you are left looking at a massive pile of your hair on the floor. Long hair takes so much time to blow dry and when it’s cold out you need to blow dry your hair immediately after washing it or “you’ll catch your death of a cold”, according to every Irish mammy, ever. This makes me not want to wash my hair every day. But of course I don’t want to look like I didn’t wash my hair, now do I?

Aussie Miracle Recharge Moisture
Aussie’s new Miracle Recharge Range is a light conditioning leave-in spray that gives hair an extra boost between washes. You can also use it after washing as an addition to your usual hair care routine to help keep your hair healthy and bouncy. I do love healthy bouncy hair. There are eight different sprays in the range to suit all hair care needs. I was sent three of them to try. Luckily all three are suitable for me. Since I took the time to grow my hair out I feel the need to make the effort to style it every now and again. All the heat from the hairdryer, curling wand and straightening iron, not to mention that I get my hair highlighted regularly; all this results in lots of damage. I have Miracle Recharge Moisture, Take The Heat, and Colour. I’ve been using Moisture between washes for a bit of shine. I prefer the result of Moisture to dry shampoo, which can make my hair look really dull and do I need to mention the fallout from dry shampoo on dark clothing, ugh. I use Take the Heat as a heat protector before straightening or curling my hair. I’ve been using Colour after my usual hair care routine to help the keep my colour looking fresher for longer and help repair the damage done by colouring. The sprays are light weight so they don’t weigh my hair down. They leave my hair looking healthy, shiny and bouncy. This makes me happy!

Aussie Miracle Recharge Colour
Obviously I don’t need all three of them but it’s nice to get to try them all out. Miracle Recharge Colour is the one that I feel is the most suitable for me and the one I will repurchase. It goes without saying that I’ve been a big fan of Aussie hair care for a long time now and it’s a brand that I love and trust. The other five in the range are Shine, Aussome Volume, Frizz Remedy, Luscious Long, and Hair Insurance. They are also pretty good value at €5.09 each.

Aussie Miracle Recharge Colour
Which one do you think is most suitable to your hair care needs?



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