Ginvera Green Tea Marvel Gel

This may be one of the weirdest and yet one of the best skin care products I have ever tried. If you don’t follow Ginvera Europe (@JaniroLtd) on Twitter then maybe you should because they pick a follower every month to win a little prize. I was lucky enough to win recently and was sent this Green Tea Marvel Gel as part of my prize. I also received their BB cream and the Green Tea Intensive Spot Corrector, which I will tell you about when I get a chance to give them a proper trial.

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Ginvera’s Green Tea Marvel Gel is an exfoliator like no other I have ever tried. The promise is that it exfoliates, invigorates and illuminates. You use this gel on clean, dry skin; you message the gel around for a minute or so. This is when the weird bit happens, as you are rubbing the gel around it turns into a pulp like consistency. It feels odd trying to rub the pulp on my skin for a few minutes. The first time I just gave up and rinsed it off. However, when I went to apply my moisturiser, I noticed that my skin felt amazing. It was the smoothest and silkiest I have ever felt my skin; even better than after professional facials. I honestly do not like the feeling of this while I’m using it, but I do love the way it makes my skin look and feel after I use it. Because there are no rough bits or grit in this you can use it daily but I have been using it weekly in an effort to make it last. I will definitely be buying it in the full size.

Ginvera Green Tea Marvel Gel
The cool thing is that if you are sick and tired of spending money on products that irritate your skin and end up being chucked in the bin then you can buy this in the sample size of 10g for £2 off their website, where you will also find their stockists. The full size, 60g is £19.95, I’m not sure of the euro prices.

What products have you though were odd to use but worked brilliantly?



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