OPI Blue My Mind OPI Blue My Mind

Its feels like ages since I showed you a nail polish, probably because I am embarrassed by how bad I am at painting my nails; especially compared to some of the beautiful and creative nail art that some bloggers post. Anyway, if there is one colour that really stands out this autumn winter season, it has to be cobalt blue. It’s absolutely everywhere and I for one love it. As we get closer to the party season we will be seeing more and more jewel tones hitting the shelves and rails. With this in mind I couldn’t walk past this sapphire coloured bottle. The colour is strikingly electric blue and is definitely nicer on than in the bottle.

OPI Blue My Mind
OPI is not one of the cheapest nail polish brands and usually retail in around the tenner mark. To me this puts it in the luxury bracket. Now some of you dainty handed ladies will fare a lot better than me with these but I usually find that OPI polishes tend to start chipping after about two days. Sometimes when nail polish starts to chip it will be just little nicks around the tips of the nails that aren’t that noticeable and you can still get a few more days wear out of it. With this particular polish the chips were massive, taking polish off nearly half the nail. I didn’t really need to use remover because most of the polish chipped and peeled off by itself. Now it has to be said that it’s not making any long wear claims but with cheaper brands turning out way better formulas and some of them are even starting to rival OPI in the colours on offer, this is not looking like value for money to me. However, I bought it for the colour and the colour is gorgeous, even if it is only for the weekend.

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