The party season is in full swing and I for one am certainly getting giddy. Most of us are winding down at work and looking forward to some time off. Christmas is a time for spending with family and friends, not glued to your computer. I don’t expect many of you will be spending much time reading blogs so I am going to take two weeks off. I will be back on the 6th of January, hopefully recharged and even better. I want to take this opportunity to thank you all for reading, following and commenting on my posts. It really means a lot. The blog has been growing steadily over the year and I am learning a lot along the way and hopefully you see the improvement.

I also want to send you all my warmest and most sincere wishes for a Merry Christmas, and I hope you all have a happy and healthy New Year!

With all that said I leave you with some festive pictures, you might notice I have a bit of a thing for reindeers.

SavedPicture-20131217205756.jpg SavedPicture-2013121921941.jpg SavedPicture-2013121921922.jpg

SavedPicture-2013121921927.jpg SavedPicture-2013121720586.jpg SavedPicture-2013121921917.jpg

SavedPicture-2013121921931.jpg SavedPicture-20131217205817.jpg SavedPicture-2013121921937.jpg



Merry Christmas!



I got married on the 19th December 2009 and with my upcoming 4th Anniversary I’m feeling very nostalgic. I loved all of the planning and organising for the big day. I know many find it stressful but not me. I loved getting creative and searching for the perfect coordinating bits and pieces. Christmas and New Years are popular times for getting married and equally popular for getting engaged. With this in mind I thought I would share a few tips, mostly about things I forgot. No matter how much you plan, there will be something that gets forgotten. The most important thing is to remember to relax because your guests won’t notice the little things that go wrong. They are focusing on you and weather you are enjoying yourself. So here are my tips to avoid the little disasters:

SavedPicture-2013121722313.jpg SavedPicture-20131217223051.jpg

DSC_0093 DSC_0025

Make sure you make an appointment to get your nails and eyebrows done. Seems obvious but with all the other hair, makeup, tan etc. appointments, I forgot the eyebrows and nails. I had to do my nails the night before and pluck my eyebrows on the morning.

DSC_0001 DSC_0156

It’s impossible to sleep the night before; even if you are not nervous you will be excited. You need two very important products on hand in the morning. One, something you trust to reduce under eye puffiness and baggage, like the Garnier Roll On. I’ve never had a problem with under eye bags until that morning. The second is eye drops to reduce red eye. My eyes were cherry red; luckily my sister had time to pop to the chemist to get me some drops.

Nervous or giddy with excitement, Rescue Remedy is another must have. It really helps settle you.

Now on to the dress, my dress had loads of satin covered buttons up the back, but it had a concealed zip so I never realised until I collected it from the dress shop that there were tiny little satin loops to cover each and every button. The sales assistant in the dress shop told my sister that she needed a crochet needle to do the loops but my sister hears what she wants to hear and heard that the sales assistant was putting a crochet needle in the bag. Needless to say we had no crochet needle on the morning but luckily my sister and my niece, who was my bridesmaid, were able to do the loops with their nails. On the wedding night my poor new husband had to use a fork to undo the loops. Thank God the table in our suite was already set for breakfast.


If you are getting married in winter, I would say that you do need some sort of wrap or shrug. People might tell you that you won’t feel the cold with all the excitement but you will be standing around outside for pictures for ages.

Most importantly, relax and enjoy it! The day goes so fast. Any other tips that you want to share?


Well the festivities were in full swing this weekend and are all set to continue for the coming few weeks. Saturday was all go for me. I was at a christening for my new baby niece during the day and then met up with some friends in the evening who were on the 12 pubs of Christmas. I started out the day looking classy in monochrome with gold accents and finished it a bit worse for wear in a Christmas jumper.

SavedPicture-20131215195048.jpg SavedPicture-20131215204742.jpg

SavedPicture-20131215195021.jpg SavedPicture-20131215195026.jpg SavedPicture-2013121221621.jpg

SavedPicture-20131215195017.jpg Gold Filigree Statement Necklace
The blazer with gold zips is from Penneys. This cream lace top is from H & M. The lace skirt is from Awear and you can see it here and here in previous posts. These gold studded pumps are from New Look and I bought the necklace in Portugal.

The eye look:

Products used:

Crease: Max Factor, Ferocious Black
Lid and Crease: Max Factor Feral Brown (over the black to soften it)
Lid: Lancôme Fil D’ Or (over the brown, which adds warmth to the yellowness of the gold)
Liner: Rimmel Scandaleyes in Bronze
Mascara: Lancôme Virtuous

I love black and gold for Christmas nights out, what’s your go to party look?

Sorry the pictures aren’t great because I was a bit rushed.


?????????????????????? ??????????????????????

It’s the perfect time of the year for rich jewel tones. Emerald, sapphire, ruby, and amethyst tones are all beautiful for festive nights out. What else goes perfectly with rich tones and looks great this time of year? Lace of course; lace party wear is everywhere at the moment and it’s a good investment because it’s chic every year. If you are looking for an alternative to the little black dress, try a top and skirt combo. If you want the safety of slimming black, you can still wear it on the half you are most concerned about, it’s the bottom for me.

SavedPicture-201312122161.jpg SavedPicture-2013121221615.jpg

This top is from New Look. The pleating and lace shoulders are simple details that work beautifully with the deep purple colour. (sorry but the pictures just aren’t doing the colour justice) I also like the covered buttons at the back so it looks good with an up do.

The lace skirt is from Awear and you may have seen it in this previous post. The detail in the lace is really pretty and feels expensive considering it was an inexpensive skirt. I’m trying to resist buying the same skirt in emerald green.

The shoes are also from New Look. How could I pass purple suede(ish). The block heel and platform give me that all important height but they are also comfortable.

Teal and Plum Jewel Statement Necklace
I bought my statement necklace while on holiday in Portugal.

What are you wearing for festive nights out?


MAC Modesty MAC Modesty

I’ve had this lipstick for a while, but it recently caught my eye while I was rummaging through my stash so I thought I would show it to you. I was favouring peachy colour lip products during the summer but winter brings a desire for richer and warmer tones in all things including makeup. Most of us would have a summer and a winter wardrobe when it comes to clothes but its funny how the makeup you reach for regularly also changes with the seasons.

MAC Modesty
The MAC website describes Modesty as “a muted neutral pink”. It definitely leads more of a neutral brown on me. It’s a nice natural colour for day, its fine for night too if you are keeping the lips soft and natural, like when you have a strong eye look. If I kept the eyes soft and natural then this colour would be a bit boring for a night out. It’s a creamsheen and is part of MAC’s permanent line. Like most of MAC’s regular lipsticks, it lasts a few hours before needing a top up and fades naturally. I personally am a fan of MAC’s lipsticks; I like the scent, the texture and the way they wear. I never find them drying, which can be a problem with some cheaper brands. I particularly love getting a MAC lipstick free with the “Back to MAC” recycling program.
So here are the pictures, the first one is my bare lips and I’m wearing Modesty in the rest.

SavedPicture-20131210142326.jpg SavedPicture-20131210142317.jpg

SavedPicture-20131210142322.jpg SavedPicture-2013121014234.jpg

What MAC lipsticks do you think I should try?


Pantene Expert Age Defy Range

Have you been following “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here”, has it left you envious of Amy’s long and luscious mane? I certainly would love thicker and fuller hair. A few weeks ago I told you about Pantene’s Youth Protect 7 range, which I really liked. Then I was sent the Age Defy range to try, which coincidently coincided with the TV debut of the massive bouffant that belongs to Amy. Whether you think anti-aging hair care is a gimmick or that you are too young to need it, forget about the name; what’s important here is the promises it makes and whether it delivers on those promises. So the range is a four step regime comprising of Age Defy Shampoo and Conditioner (€7.49 each), Advanced Rejuvenating Masque (€8.79) and Advanced Thickening Treatment (€12.79). This four step process promises to fight the thinning of hair by “thickening existing individual hair fibres” to leave your hair with weightless volume.

Pantene Expert Age Defy Shampoo Pantene Expert Age Defy Conditioner

The shampoo and conditioner form “a protective layer to help reduce friction and leave hair with moisture and movement”. I like using these, they leave my hair clean and moisturised and smelling nice. More importantly they don’t weigh my hair down, so it is light and swishy.

Pantene Expert Age Defy Advanced Rejuvenating Masque
The Advanced Rejuvenating Masque is like most hair masques in that you leave it on for two minutes and then rinse. This promises to “intensely nourish, reduce breakage, tame unruly hair and reduce split ends”. It doesn’t weigh my hair down; it actually leaves it smooth, shiny and bouncy.
Pantene Expert Age Defy Advanced Thickening Treatment

The Advanced Thickening Treatment is a bit different from anything else I’ve used. At first I thought it was a serum but it’s nothing like a serum. You spray 15 pumps at the roots, message in and leave; no need to rinse. Hair feels thicker after one use but after fourteen days use hair reaches maximum thickness, which is maintained with continued use.

SavedPicture-201312813387.jpg SavedPicture-201312813382.jpg

Well does my mane rival Amy’s? Ah no, I would probably need a couple grands worth of extensions to achieve that. No topical solution could ever achieve that lusciousness. However, this does make my hair feel fuller, bouncier and swishier. So all in all a good result and the range is definitely worth the price tag, especially since Pantene is often on offer. Do I prefer it to the Youth Protect 7? I would equate them, I’ll definitely repurchase but I’m not bothered which range so it all comes down to which ever one I get my hands on first.

Have you tied either range?


I agree that every woman should have a little black dress in their wardrobe. The black dress can be suitable for all occasions so it’s a safe choice when you don’t know how formal or casual a night out will be. A great little black dress can look right at home at a formal occasion or it can look like “oh I just threw this old thing on” if things turn out more casual than you expected. Saying that I must stress that I do not think it is ok to wear black to everything. Get some colour in your life and your wardrobe. Party season is upon us and with this in mind I thought I would show you my two favourite LBD’s and how I like to style them.

?????????????????????? ??????????????????????

First up is this little chiffon and lace number. I love how this dress fits, I always feel comfortable in it. With the lace and chiffon and layers, it feels far more expensive than it was. It’s from the brand Fever London and I bought it in a local boutique.

SavedPicture-201312521373.jpg SavedPicture-2013125213239.jpg

SavedPicture-201312521348.jpg SavedPicture-2013125213334.jpg

I like to wear this with my blue and black lace shoes from Menbur. Continuing on with the blue I wear this necklace from Carraig Donn and these earrings from New Look.

?????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

This dress is from the luxe line at Dorothy Perkins. The scuba material of this dress is thick and heavy enough to always sit well, without clinging or settling on little bumps or bulges. The peplum is perfect if you night out involves a meal to cover any after dinner bloat. The ruffle and one shoulder glam it right up.


Gold Filigree Statement NecklaceSavedPicture-2013125213453.jpg

I like to pair this dress with gold accessories. The shoes are from New Look, I bought the necklace in Portugal and the belt is from Penneys.
How do you style your LBD?