Ginvera Green Tea Nude Cover BB Cream

I’ve never really jumped on the BB cream band wagon. I’ve dipped my toes in and tried a few here and there but normally I could take or leave them. BB creams were all the rage with bloggers during the summer for their lighter and more natural coverage. However, I have oily skin and with the humidity of summer and all the moisturising properties of BB creams, I can’t wear them without powder on top, which defeats the purpose of wearing the BB cream to keep coverage lighter and more natural. I have had this Ginvera BB cream for a while now and only started wearing it recently. What I am finding is this is great for now, since I don’t really need finishing powder. What I am loving about it is that it doesn’t look like I’m wearing makeup when I have it on. So those that don’t see me in the mornings think I have great skin. Mwahahaha. Maybe I shouldn’t have posted the pictures below.

These pictures were taken on the morning after the night before. I was out for a few drinks and as you can see, some of my face is red and some of it is pale, some might say I look a bit shook.

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

I was seriously impressed by how well the Ginvera BB cream even out the redness and warmed my complexion, while being very light in coverage. The darkness under my eyes didn’t show in the first pictures but I can tell you I have dark lines under my eyes everyday that are worse after a night out. This BB cream brightened up the area enough to chance a day without a heap of concealer.

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

In these pictures I’ve used the BB instead of my usual foundation in my normal makeup routine. I’ve used Mac Mineralise Skinfinsh powder, blush, filled in my eyebrows and then added some eye makeup.

Are you on the BB band wagon? What is your favourite BB cream?


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