I agree that every woman should have a little black dress in their wardrobe. The black dress can be suitable for all occasions so it’s a safe choice when you don’t know how formal or casual a night out will be. A great little black dress can look right at home at a formal occasion or it can look like “oh I just threw this old thing on” if things turn out more casual than you expected. Saying that I must stress that I do not think it is ok to wear black to everything. Get some colour in your life and your wardrobe. Party season is upon us and with this in mind I thought I would show you my two favourite LBD’s and how I like to style them.

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First up is this little chiffon and lace number. I love how this dress fits, I always feel comfortable in it. With the lace and chiffon and layers, it feels far more expensive than it was. It’s from the brand Fever London and I bought it in a local boutique.

SavedPicture-201312521373.jpg SavedPicture-2013125213239.jpg

SavedPicture-201312521348.jpg SavedPicture-2013125213334.jpg

I like to wear this with my blue and black lace shoes from Menbur. Continuing on with the blue I wear this necklace from Carraig Donn and these earrings from New Look.

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This dress is from the luxe line at Dorothy Perkins. The scuba material of this dress is thick and heavy enough to always sit well, without clinging or settling on little bumps or bulges. The peplum is perfect if you night out involves a meal to cover any after dinner bloat. The ruffle and one shoulder glam it right up.


Gold Filigree Statement NecklaceSavedPicture-2013125213453.jpg

I like to pair this dress with gold accessories. The shoes are from New Look, I bought the necklace in Portugal and the belt is from Penneys.
How do you style your LBD?



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