Pantene Expert Age Defy Range

Have you been following “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here”, has it left you envious of Amy’s long and luscious mane? I certainly would love thicker and fuller hair. A few weeks ago I told you about Pantene’s Youth Protect 7 range, which I really liked. Then I was sent the Age Defy range to try, which coincidently coincided with the TV debut of the massive bouffant that belongs to Amy. Whether you think anti-aging hair care is a gimmick or that you are too young to need it, forget about the name; what’s important here is the promises it makes and whether it delivers on those promises. So the range is a four step regime comprising of Age Defy Shampoo and Conditioner (€7.49 each), Advanced Rejuvenating Masque (€8.79) and Advanced Thickening Treatment (€12.79). This four step process promises to fight the thinning of hair by “thickening existing individual hair fibres” to leave your hair with weightless volume.

Pantene Expert Age Defy Shampoo Pantene Expert Age Defy Conditioner

The shampoo and conditioner form “a protective layer to help reduce friction and leave hair with moisture and movement”. I like using these, they leave my hair clean and moisturised and smelling nice. More importantly they don’t weigh my hair down, so it is light and swishy.

Pantene Expert Age Defy Advanced Rejuvenating Masque
The Advanced Rejuvenating Masque is like most hair masques in that you leave it on for two minutes and then rinse. This promises to “intensely nourish, reduce breakage, tame unruly hair and reduce split ends”. It doesn’t weigh my hair down; it actually leaves it smooth, shiny and bouncy.
Pantene Expert Age Defy Advanced Thickening Treatment

The Advanced Thickening Treatment is a bit different from anything else I’ve used. At first I thought it was a serum but it’s nothing like a serum. You spray 15 pumps at the roots, message in and leave; no need to rinse. Hair feels thicker after one use but after fourteen days use hair reaches maximum thickness, which is maintained with continued use.

SavedPicture-201312813387.jpg SavedPicture-201312813382.jpg

Well does my mane rival Amy’s? Ah no, I would probably need a couple grands worth of extensions to achieve that. No topical solution could ever achieve that lusciousness. However, this does make my hair feel fuller, bouncier and swishier. So all in all a good result and the range is definitely worth the price tag, especially since Pantene is often on offer. Do I prefer it to the Youth Protect 7? I would equate them, I’ll definitely repurchase but I’m not bothered which range so it all comes down to which ever one I get my hands on first.

Have you tied either range?

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