MAC Modesty MAC Modesty

I’ve had this lipstick for a while, but it recently caught my eye while I was rummaging through my stash so I thought I would show it to you. I was favouring peachy colour lip products during the summer but winter brings a desire for richer and warmer tones in all things including makeup. Most of us would have a summer and a winter wardrobe when it comes to clothes but its funny how the makeup you reach for regularly also changes with the seasons.

MAC Modesty
The MAC website describes Modesty as “a muted neutral pink”. It definitely leads more of a neutral brown on me. It’s a nice natural colour for day, its fine for night too if you are keeping the lips soft and natural, like when you have a strong eye look. If I kept the eyes soft and natural then this colour would be a bit boring for a night out. It’s a creamsheen and is part of MAC’s permanent line. Like most of MAC’s regular lipsticks, it lasts a few hours before needing a top up and fades naturally. I personally am a fan of MAC’s lipsticks; I like the scent, the texture and the way they wear. I never find them drying, which can be a problem with some cheaper brands. I particularly love getting a MAC lipstick free with the “Back to MAC” recycling program.
So here are the pictures, the first one is my bare lips and I’m wearing Modesty in the rest.

SavedPicture-20131210142326.jpg SavedPicture-20131210142317.jpg

SavedPicture-20131210142322.jpg SavedPicture-2013121014234.jpg

What MAC lipsticks do you think I should try?



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