Cleanse Off Mitt

This arrived in the post right before Christmas and it has been getting a thorough testing ever since. It’s been through two weeks of heavy sparkly eye makeup that a drag queen would be envious of. Let’s face it, Christmas is the perfect time to pile it on and with the stormy weather, waterproof, smudge proof, and basically budge proof is a must. I always use a face cloth or muslin of some sort with my cleanser to remove all my makeup. It’s no secret that my favourite foundation is Lancôme Teint Idole 24 hour, which has great staying power but it is tough to remove. A face cloth with a rough texture will do the job but it’ll also take half the face off ya but a soft cloth just won’t get it all off.

Cleanse Off Mitt
Cleanse Off Mitt is a face cloth in the shape of a mitt but a face cloth like no other. This mitt is made of soft microfibers that cleanse skin gently without any product. Amazingly it does remove all makeup, including waterproof eye makeup and I can’t believe how soft it is. I like to use it with cleanser because it makes me feel like my skin is super clean and its quick. I hate the idea of spending time double cleansing with two different products one after another. After a night out I just want to be able to take my makeup off quickly and get into bed. It’s a lazy girl’s new best friend. It also means I no longer use makeup wipes, which are not good for your skin and don’t leave your face adequately cleansed.
Cleanse Off Mitt would also be perfect for someone with sensitive skin that reacts to most products, since you don’t need any cleanser. Although if you are that sensitive you might not be reading this blog because I will slap anything on my face but if you know someone whose skin is easily irritated then you might let them know about it.

Cleanse Off Mitt

Best of all you can use it as a sock puppet. It’s an Irish product and you can get it on for €5 and it will be available in chemists soon. Will you be ditching the wipes in favour of the Cleanse Off Mitt?



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