I have to say I found the sales a bit disappointing this year. I’m not a great one for rummaging through the rails, I generally skim through and if a colour or print grabs my attention then I will take it out for a better look. There is nothing better than finding something reduced in the sales that you saw and liked before Christmas, but for whatever reason you didn’t buy it back then. I try not to get carried away with the excitement of discount labels. I think it’s important to remember it’s only a bargain if you would be willing to pay full price for it. You often hear someone say “it was only a tenner, sure how could you leave it behind for that price, even if I only wear it once…” We know all the justifications but think of it this way, how would you feel if you realised you lost a tenner; annoyed right? Think twice and don’t pay over a tenner (or whatever bargainous price it is) for something that’s just going to add to the clutter of “nothing to wear” in your wardrobe. Unless you are excited about wearing it, then it’s probably better to leave it behind. This is especially important to remember as we head into this weekend when shops will be trying to get rid of the last of what’s left. You can bet those sales rails will be right inside the front door with big red signs of final reductions.
So here are the sale items that I picked up:

MArco Tozi Boots
These boots were the only purchase that I was genuinely excited about. Before Christmas I was spotting a similar pair of Bourbon boots. The Bourbon ones were 25% off in the sale but they just didn’t fit me right so I left them and sulked the whole way to Paul Byron where I found these Marco Tozi boots. They are almost identical to the Bourbon ones but they were about a hundred quid cheaper, which cheered me right up. They were reduced to €50 from €70.

Vero Moda Monochrome Lace top
I picked this top up in a local boutique that has loads of Vero Moda clothes and it was 25% off.

Vero Moda Pink Lace Top
I have a bit of a thing for Vero Moda and this top was actually €10 in Bourne in Galway, which is a genuine bargain because I would have paid full price for it, I love the colour and lace.

MAngo Studded Skirt
I shopped the Mango sale on St Stephen’s Day from the comfort of my couch in my PJs. I already had the top that matches this skirt and I had wanted to buy the skirt for a while so I was well happy to see it reduced.

Mango Lace Back Top
This top is also from Mango. It’s a plain black jumper in the front and all see trough lace at the back. I’m still all about lace. In case you haven’t noticed.

Closet Skater Dress
This Closet dress was half price in Swamp. I spotted this on the Closet Facebook page ages ago but it was sold out on their site when I looked for it and then I forgot all about it till I saw it on sale. Woohoo!

Awear Lace TopI picked this little cutie up in Awear.I was not happy to see my local Awear closed when I passed by last Saturday; lets hope it can be saved.
How did you get on in the sales? Any star buys you want to tell us about?



  1. You’ve got some great bargains there – makes me regret I was too busy trying not to get the new Guerlain powders to bother with the sales. ANd then I caved and bought one anyway :p

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