Clarins Eye Pencil in Khaki

On Saturday I was in a local chemist having a sneaky peek at the Lancôme counter to see if there was anything pretty and new when I spotted a basket on the counter with some discounted cosmetics. It’s not unusual to see a basket of reduced makeup on a counter in a chemist but I never bother to look in them. I always assumed they were full of opened products that people have stuck their fingers into to swatch or else the items are really old or broken. But with a quick glimpse I could see that all the products were either Clarins or Lancôme and they looked fine so I took a closer look. All the products were new, unopened and in perfect condition and better yet they were all marked €7. I’ve been trying not to buy makeup on impulse but instead do some research so I only spend money on products that I really want, but I figured you can’t go wrong with Clarins and the pencil is a beautiful khaki green and you know how much I love green.

Clarins Eye Pencil in Khaki SavedPicture-2014112141857.jpg Clarins Eye Pencil in Khaki
The formula is soft a creamy. It glides on smoothly and doesn’t drag the eyelid. Its well pigmented so you get a solid line of colour in one go; I hate when you have to keep going over the line to fill in the colour, which is something that can happen with cheap eyeliners. There is a smudger applicator on one end so you can create a softer or smoky look. It doesn’t set so it’s not smudge proof or water resistant but it does last all day and night and it’s easy to remove. Unfortunately this means it’s not a great choice if you’re totes emosh or you suffer with allergies. But like I said, it is a beautiful khaki green; here are some pictures:

Clarins Eye Pencil in Khaki

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