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Just so you know, lately I have been buying anything with stand out gold zips. Get used to it you will be seeing more gold zips. I think they add a bit of glam and an edge to a plain black item of clothing.

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I picked this jumper up in Awear just before Christmas. I had intended it for casual wear because of its loose fit. I wore it a few times with a t-shirt underneath, but while doing the whole I have nothing to wear to work thing, a bit of inspiration hit and I decided to try it with a white shirt underneath. I’ve never really been one for seeking out the perfect, crisp white shirt to wear under everything, so this shirt is ages old. For a lot of women the white shirt under almost everything is their go to look but I hardly ever do it. I might try it more often because I like how this shirt and jumper look together; they look smart enough to wear to work. There is no real dress code in my office so I can wear jeans, but I only ever wear dark colour jeans in an effort to try and look smart and tidy. The black skinny jeans are super soft skinnies from Dorothy Perkins, which I love the fit of and find really comfortable.


These Sussit boots would have worked well with this outfit because of the gold hardware, which would tie in with the zips on the jumper.

However, these wedge heel ankle booties from the Amy Huberman range for Bourbon are new, they were a Christmas present. They are so comfortable and I like them so much that they are hardly ever off my feet.

So we know my gold zip obsession, what details are you drawn to? Do you have the perfect white shirt?

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