Michael Kors Glam Jasmine

I don’t really do posts on perfumes because I am not all that confident in my ability to describe fragrances. With makeup I just slap it on my face and do my best to describe what I see and then try to get in as many decent photos as I can. There are only so many photos you can take of a bottle of perfume and there is no point putting in photos of it applied because you can’t see it. I know what scents I like when I smell them but I don’t usually know what makes the scent, if that makes sense. Anyway I have been dying to tell you about Glam Jasmine since I got it for Christmas. I only dropped a few slight blatant hints. Ok I pointed it out and said “I want that” and then wrote it down on a piece of strategically placed paper with details of where you can buy it. A girl needs to be precise to get what she wants and I want just about anything Michael Kors. I am becoming quite the Michael Kors whore and I’m not sorry. Just look at the packaging; it’s just so sleek and gorgeous.

Michael Kors Glam Jasmine
So how would I describe Glam Jasmine? When I first spray it on me I get a fresh light floral scent along with a hint of citrus. When it dries down it becomes warmer and more sensual. I get a creamy hit of sandalwood and then of course Jasmine. I never realised how much I like Jasmine. I feel the scent is quite sophisticated but not at all like an old lady perfume. One spray is enough as it is quite a strong scent and it lasts ages.
Two other perfumes were released in the collection along with Glam Jasmine. They are Sporty Citrus and Sexy Amber. I usually go for perfumes that are musky with a hint of vanilla, so this is a bit different for me as there is no real sweetness to it. I have tried a sprits of Sexy Amber and that does have the warm sweetness that I like so it’s definitely on the list. I haven’t got my hands on Sporty Citrus yet.
Glam Jasmine is about €53 for 30ml and €76 for 50ml. Have you tried any of them yet?

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