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Can you believe its Friday again; wow the weeks are flying by. At last we can finally see a bit of a stretch in the evenings (I know auld wan talk) and soon we will be able to brave the outdoors without massive puffer winter jackets. Today I am giving you a break from my new favourite colour, lime, but rest assured there is more of it coming soon. I thought I would show you this pretty dress with some coral accessorising because I really like coral and navy together.

Navy Swamp Dress
I picked this dress up in Swamp in the January sales and it is from the brand Closet. I really like Closet dresses, they always just seem to fit me perfectly and it is the one brand I can buy without trying it on in the shop and feel confident that I will be happy with how it looks on when I get home. This dress has a lovely skater style shape with a cute butterfly print. The pockets give it a relaxed feel and look. The coral cardigan is from New Look. It’s actually quite a strong coral and could nearly pass for orange.

Coral Penneys Pumps
These pumps are from Penneys and hopefully it will only be a few more weeks before I can actually leave the house in cute little pumps, without my little feet getting soaked and frozen.

Conac Bourbon Ankle Boots
The boots are from the Amy Huberman range for Bourbon shoes. You may have noticed them in a few previous posts because I love the style and colour of them and they are really comfortable, always a plus.

Coral New Look Necklace
The necklace is more of a pink coral and I picked it up in New Look a while back.

Do you have any Closet dresses? What colours do you like to wear with navy?


Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Light

These two Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Light Treatment Mousses were sent to me about two weeks ago now and I have been testing them out since. At first when I saw that they are a mousse, I was thinking why did Aussie go and mess with what is already the perfect formula. I love the original 3 Minute Miracle. There is always one hanging around in my shower waiting to be needed and in reality it’s needed a lot. 3 Minute Miracle is my go to when my hair is damaged from the heat of either curling or straightening my hair. One of the main reasons I love the original 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner in cream form is after I use it my comb or brush practically falls through my hair; absolutely no snagging on tangles. The good news is that the new Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Light mousses are not here to replace the original but instead are new additions to the 3 Minute Miracle line up.

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Light
You use Mega or Aussome Volume after your shampoo and conditioner and the result is massive hair that needs to be swished and flicked at every opportunity. On the bottle of Aussome Volume it says “for hair that wants to live large” while on Mega it says “for everyday treats”. To me this suggested that Aussome Volume would give bigger hair so I tried Mega first. My reasoning was that if I used Aussome Volume first then I might be disappointed by Mega if it didn’t deliver the same level of volume. When I first used Mega I thought I had mixed them up because my hair was so full and bouncy. The result with Aussome Volume was much the same, light and bouncy hair with lots more volume than any product has ever given me before. The type of volume I though only possible from a professional blow dry.

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Light Mega Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Light Aussome Volume

The main difference between them is that Mega has the strong sweet smell we have come to expect from Aussie, whereas Aussome Volume doesn’t smell sweet at all but more earthy.
It’s important to note that these deliver volume not sleek detangled hair; that’s what the original 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner cream is for. These retail for about €6.39 and should be widely available in pharmacies and supermarkets. Have you tied them yet?


Clarins Eye Pencil Gold

A few weeks back I told you about the khaki eyeliner from Clarins that I picked up for €7. I also picked up this gold one at the same time. These eyeliners are lovely to use but I wasn’t sure that I would be using the gold all that often as it didn’t really make my eyes stand out when I lined around the whole eye with it. Luckily I have discovered that this gold is great at making my eyes look brighter when I use it on my waterline. Many people use white eyeliner for this but I find that the white looks chalky and unnatural on me and I just don’t like it. In the past I have used Benefits Eye Bright pencil, which is a pale pink, to brighten my tired eyes and it is fine but now that I have tried the gold, I definitely prefer the gold.

Clarins Eye Pencil Gold
The look below is a soft natural day time look to show you how the gold brightens my eyes. The difference is subtle but that’s what I want from makeup; subtle enhancements. In fairness the waterline of my eyes isn’t that red today but believe me the gold does a nice job at brightening things up when I am bit worse for wear. Here are the products used:

Lid: Max Factor – Auburn Envy
Crease: Max Factor – Feral Brown
Outer corner: Max Factor – Ferocious Black
Eyeliner on Top lid and below bottom Lashes: Bourjois Khol & Contour – Bronze Raffinè
Water Line: Clarins Eye Pencil – Gold

SelfTimer23_02_2014 12_33_52 SelfTimer23_02_2014 12_49_01 SelfTimer23_02_2014 12_53_36

L-R: Without any eye makeup, eye makeup but without the gold, with the gold

gold eye 1 gold eye 2

L-R without the gold, and with the gold

What colour do you use to brighten tired eyes?


SelfTimer20_02_2014 09_17_16 SelfTimer20_02_2014 09_17_35 SelfTimer20_02_2014 09_16_57

Last week I told you there would be more lime and here it is. Sorry but this post will be a short one because I spent my evening doing this:


If you too would like to be a domestic goddess and make After Eight flavoured cupcakes then here is the link to the recipe that I used. I’ll let the clothes do the talking, I’m sure you will be most disappointed that you don’t have to read my long winded rambles.

WP_20140220_004 WP_20140220_007

This cute lime cardigan is from Penneys, where else. The little diamonte buttons add to its cuteness factor.


This floral print top is from H & M and you may have seen it in this previous post where I paired it with blue. The jeans are my old faithful black skinnies from Dorothy Perkins.


These boots are from the Amy Huberman range for Bourbon footwear. Fingers crossed it will be only a few more weeks before I can wear cute little pumps again.


I picked this necklace up in Carraig Donn. I like blue and lime together, which you will see more of in an upcoming post.

So the big question is, will you be baking mint and chocolate cupcakes or wearing lime?


Lancome Miracle Air De Teint

I have to admit the release of this foundation kind of snuck up on me. I had heard rumblings about it, but there hasn’t been much hype; I haven’t actually read any reviews on it. I was innocently walking past a local pharmacy when I spotted the poster in the window. In I went and asked for a sample. That is the beauty of Lancôme, it’s not exclusive to city centre department stores; you can find a Lancôme counter is loads of local pharmacies. The other brilliant thing is that Lancôme offers you a free sample of all their foundations. If a sales assistant isn’t very helpful, then you can head to the next pharmacy with a Lancôme counter and hope for a better sales assistant.

If you have been following this blog then you will know all about my love of Lancôme’s Teint Idole Ultra 24 Hour. Because it is my favourite foundation, I am always interested in trying other products from the brand. When I tried the Teint Visionaire foundation, I liked it but it didn’t surpass the Teint Idole Ultra for me, so I was expecting to feel much the same about this Miracle Air de Teint. The thing is I actually think I like it more than my beloved Teint Idole Ultra 24 Hour.
Did you ever try a foundation that felt wet when first applied and made you worry that it would take forever to blend in. Well this is nothing like that. The formula feels like satin, the texture feels a bit dry and you think you need to work fast to blend it, but you don’t. It blends in nice and seamlessly and feels like there is nothing there. The temptation is to apply more but one look and you realise you don’t need it. The finish is my skin but way better. This is how I wish my skin looked when I wake up. With this foundation my complexion is matte but with a slight healthy glow. I really like this hint at a glow, and I can trust this foundation not to turn greasy by noon. It also lasts really well and even stayed put through a sweaty gym session. This foundation is very lightweight, creates a natural but perfect finish that lasts all day. What is not to love?

WP_20140216_003 WP_20140216_012 WP_20140216_016

L-R bare face, with Miracle Air De Teint, brows filled in with MAC Omega

Have you tried this yet? What is your favourite foundation?


I am afraid this post is going to be very different from the one I had originally planned for today. My friends, this post is a cautionary tale of what can happen if you are not careful while lining your tightline. I was planning on showing you my new favourite colour for lining my waterline to make my eyes look bright and wide awake like I’ve had the best nights sleep ever, but first I wanted to define my eyes with a bit of subtle taupe liner on the top lashes. I picked up my Rimmel Scandaleyes pencil in Taupe and began lining my tightline like normal. The last time I used it I felt a little scrape on my eyelid caused by a tiny rough jagged bit of the timber that surrounds the tip of the pencil. I figured it just needed to be sharpened and it would be fine, so I sharpened it. However, it was not fine and I stupidly didn’t check it before apply it. I felt a sharp scrape and jumped. Between the initial scrape and my reaction of flintching, jumping and squeezing my eye shut tight, I managed to scrape across my eye ball. At first I didn’t think I would be able to open my eye, but the pain subsided some and after a few minutes I could get it open. Although it was getting less painful and the redness was easing, there was still a sharp sting and I figured it would be a good idea to get it checked to make sure there wasn’t any real damage or a tiny bit of the pencil under the lid.

Luckily Specsavers are open on Sundays because I really did not want to have to spend forever in A & E. Unfortunately my local Specsavers is really busy on Sundays and they leave the door wide open. They were nice enough to fit me in between appointments but I still had to wait about an hour and I was freezing, even himself was cold and that’s saying something because he usually emits heat like a Dimplex. The optometrist was lovely and very sympathetic. She believes the cut on my eye is superficial and will heal itself, helped along with two different types of eye drops. One to keep the eye lubricated and the other to stop infection. So my €7 eyeliner cost me €20 for eye drops. My heart sank when she said if it wasn’t better tomorrow (today as I’m typing this on Sunday night), I would have to come back and then they might send me to the hospital for further investigation. Fingers crossed it will be fine, the fact that I can type this is a good sign, although it is still quite sore.

So lesson learned and here is my advise to you. Buy a good quality sharpener for your eyeliners and clean it after every use. Check your liners before every use and after you sharpen them for any roughness, jagged edges or sharp bits. If you suspect it is starting to splinter, throw it away. If you suspect anything is wrong with you liner, throw it away; you can’t put a price on healthy eyes. I know most of us put our makeup on in a rush but slow down and focus on what your are doing when you are applying anything near your eyes.


SelfTimer13_02_2014 09_09_19 SelfTimer13_02_2014 09_11_10

Guess what my new favourite colour is going to be? If you have been following my little blog for a while now, you will know that I am a big fan of green, particularly shades of mint and teal. Lately lime green has been catching my eye and I just want to buy everything I see in the colour. Lemon yellow is also a beautiful colour but it just doesn’t look right on me, add a hint of green and you get lime and I can wear it now. I know what you are thinking, its cold, wet, stormy and miserable, how can I possible feel like wearing such a bright, spring colour at a time when the country is being blown and washed away along with the odd smacking of hail. With all that’s been going on with the weather this week, I need some cheering up. Beautiful bright colours are starting to creep into the shops and online and I can’t wait to start wearing them. The lime in this outfit is quite subtle and mild but know this, full-on loud and large lime is on the way in future posts; I’ve been shopping.

SelfTimer13_02_2014 20_56_29 WP_20140213_006

This top is from River Island. It’s hard to see the colours in their true form in these pictures but it is a double layer top; the bottom layer is navy and the top layer is white with a navy print. The navy print has a thin lime trim surrounding it.

These are the Bailey skinny jeans from Dorothy Perkins. These ones are navy but I do also have them in black. I really like how these fit me and I feel really comfortable in them.

SelfTimer13_02_2014 21_01_00
I’ve has these earrings for ages. They are cheap and guess who forgot to put clear nail polish on them before wearing them for the first time in ages. Ouch!

I have been stalking these shoes from Menbur for what seems like a very long time now. Seriously they arrived in store last spring, and it’s taken till last week for them to be reduced. In fairness this is probably the longest I’ve ever lasted once I got something into my head that I want.

What bright colours are catching your eye? I know it’s Valentines Day but I’m sure you have had enough of all the hype surrounding it so I thought I would do something different.