Nars Light Reflecting Setting Powder - Pressed Nars Light Reflecting Setting Powder - Pressed

Warning, this post might infuriate you because I don’t quite know how to describe exactly what this does but sure when has not knowing what I’m talking about stopped me before. Lets start with why I bought it. As an oily skinned lady I have spent most of my adult life looking for products that mattify my skin and control shine. When the description of a product contains certain words such as luminous, radiance or glow, I’ve come to learn that these products will leave my face greasier than a fry up. Unfortunately radiance and glow are the words we associate with youth and now that I am getting older, a flat matte complexion is aging. I want to look youthful and radiant but without looking greasy and oily. Lately there has been a lot of buzz about radiance enhancing powders from the Hourglass Ambient Lighting line-up. These should create the perfect balance of shine control and youthful radiance. With six different powders to choose from and so many mixed blogger reviews, €50 is a bit much to spend taking a punt buying online because there is no counter near me where I could try before I buy. I will admit I was getting tempted until I saw this post on Viva Adonis.

Nars Light Reflecting Setting Powder - Pressed Nars Light Reflecting Setting Powder - Pressed

The Nars Light Reflecting Setting Powder is translucent so I can’t go wrong. You may have seen pictures of celebrities where the high end paparazzi camera has shown up all the white powder on their face but that won’t happen with this because it is truly translucent and not white. It’s so invisible that it’s hard to see if you are actually applying anything until you see the results. I apply this to my face as a last step either instead of my MAC Mineralise Skinfinsh Natural as a setting powder or over it when I want a bit more coverage. The effect is subtle and impossible to photograph but I notice the difference and I feel like my skin looks so much better with it. This powder is pretty amazing in that it controls oily shine but adds radiance and luminosity. It also blurs fine lines and pores leaving my complexion looking flawless. I can see it, I just can’t really show you but here are the pictures anyway.

WP_20140209_003 WP_20140209_011

Have you tried this or the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders?


  1. Haven’t tried anything from Nars, but I do love my Hourglass Ambient Powders. ALOT. That said, I stuggle to choose between those and Guerlain’s Meteorites. I wouldn’t know how either handles oily skin, though, as I use them mainly for setting and brightening.

      • Might be better to see in person in order to see which might suit your needs better. I kind of feel that the Guerlain powder by comparison is more of a luxury product than a “need” product, but thet’s also due to the packaging which is less purse- and travelfriendly. It’s a (revamped) classic though, so every makeup-lover ught to have it in their stash at some point 😉

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