On Monday I told you about how I got on with NARS Light Reflecting Setting Powder. Since there is no NARS counter near me I had to order online and it only made sense to order a second item to get free shipping. Seriously though, I’ve wanted to try this concealer for ages now. There was a load of hype about it last year but since I’ve never tried any NARS products before I was reluctant to take the plunge especially since I couldn’t get to a NARS counter to swatch the shades to find the right one for me. Apparently the two lightest shades are more often than not sold out in Ireland.

NARS Creamy Radian Concealer
After carefully studying the shades and swatches online I settled on Vanilla. Vanilla is an ivory shade with a pink tone. I was hoping the pink would help neutralise the blue under my eyes. Under my eyes is the main area I need concealer; I very rarely suffer from spots but I do have redness at the sides of my nose. The problem I have with concealers is that if they cover the darkness under my eyes effectively they tend to be a thick consistency and end up settling in the fine lines around my eyes making me look totally haggard. But like it says on the tin, this is creamy. I am well impressed with how perfectly this covers the darkness under my eyes and it also covers the redness at the sides of my nose. The best bit is that it doesn’t settle into the creepy lines around my eyes. The shade Vanilla has worked out perfectly for me and it blends in seamlessly. I also find that this concealer lasts all day. I’ve put it on in the morning and ended up going out that night without redoing my makeup but instead just slapped on some eye shadow and mascara and it still looked perfect when I got home in the wee hours of the morning, then again maybe my vision was a bit blurry.

NARS Creamy Radian Concealer
I usually apply my concealer after my foundation. I find this makes it last longer and I find I use a lot less concealer this way. I like to keep my concealer to where it is really needed rather than plastering my whole face with it, that way the finished look is more natural. In the pictures below the first one is without any makeup and you can see the blueness at the inner corner and under my eyes. The second photo is with one pump of Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra 24 Hour and the blue still shines through. The next photo is the NARS Cream Concealer over my foundation = perfection. Lastly a full face shot so you can see how bright and even my face looks.

SelfTimer09_02_2014 14_01_55 SelfTimer09_02_2014 14_04_37 SelfTimer09_02_2014 14_09_41


What is your favourite concealer? Have you tried this one?



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