I am afraid this post is going to be very different from the one I had originally planned for today. My friends, this post is a cautionary tale of what can happen if you are not careful while lining your tightline. I was planning on showing you my new favourite colour for lining my waterline to make my eyes look bright and wide awake like I’ve had the best nights sleep ever, but first I wanted to define my eyes with a bit of subtle taupe liner on the top lashes. I picked up my Rimmel Scandaleyes pencil in Taupe and began lining my tightline like normal. The last time I used it I felt a little scrape on my eyelid caused by a tiny rough jagged bit of the timber that surrounds the tip of the pencil. I figured it just needed to be sharpened and it would be fine, so I sharpened it. However, it was not fine and I stupidly didn’t check it before apply it. I felt a sharp scrape and jumped. Between the initial scrape and my reaction of flintching, jumping and squeezing my eye shut tight, I managed to scrape across my eye ball. At first I didn’t think I would be able to open my eye, but the pain subsided some and after a few minutes I could get it open. Although it was getting less painful and the redness was easing, there was still a sharp sting and I figured it would be a good idea to get it checked to make sure there wasn’t any real damage or a tiny bit of the pencil under the lid.

Luckily Specsavers are open on Sundays because I really did not want to have to spend forever in A & E. Unfortunately my local Specsavers is really busy on Sundays and they leave the door wide open. They were nice enough to fit me in between appointments but I still had to wait about an hour and I was freezing, even himself was cold and that’s saying something because he usually emits heat like a Dimplex. The optometrist was lovely and very sympathetic. She believes the cut on my eye is superficial and will heal itself, helped along with two different types of eye drops. One to keep the eye lubricated and the other to stop infection. So my €7 eyeliner cost me €20 for eye drops. My heart sank when she said if it wasn’t better tomorrow (today as I’m typing this on Sunday night), I would have to come back and then they might send me to the hospital for further investigation. Fingers crossed it will be fine, the fact that I can type this is a good sign, although it is still quite sore.

So lesson learned and here is my advise to you. Buy a good quality sharpener for your eyeliners and clean it after every use. Check your liners before every use and after you sharpen them for any roughness, jagged edges or sharp bits. If you suspect it is starting to splinter, throw it away. If you suspect anything is wrong with you liner, throw it away; you can’t put a price on healthy eyes. I know most of us put our makeup on in a rush but slow down and focus on what your are doing when you are applying anything near your eyes.


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