Pari Elements 5 Well Eyeshadow Palette

If there is one thing I love its getting a new eye shadow palette. I love the anticipation of playing around with it, thinking about all the possibilities of different looks and picking my favourite colours but I usually end up changing my mind about my favourites over and over again. This Pari 5 Well Eyeshadow Palette was sent to me to try out and if you remember I recently tried out the Pari Mineral Perfection Foundation both available from The palettes are €40 and there are 5 palettes in total (Amber, Copper, Emeralds, Elements, and Mercury) and I have Elements to show you.

Pari Elements 5 Well Eyeshadow Palette
First thing to say is that these shadows are extremely pigmented; the softest touch of your brush to the pan picks up loads of colour. The colour pay off is brilliant and amazingly there is no fall out. As well as being strongly pigmented, they are also soft, creamy and buttery and they blend easily. I actually tried these without any primer, which I just wouldn’t normally do because my lids are so oily. Impressively they lasted really well. At the end of the day some of the colour was gone from the center of crease but was fine around outsides and since there was no clumping the shadows looked perfect as long as I kept my eyes open. With MAC Paint Pot in Painterly as a primer these last and last. I did my makeup at 8 in the morning and my eye shadow was still perfect when I washed my face at midnight and that was after baking cupcakes and cooking dinner. Like the foundation the eye shadows are also made with minerals and don’t contain talc so they should be fine for those of you with sensitive eyes.

Pari Elements 5 Well Eyeshadow PaletteSelfTimer20_04_2014 11_50_54[1]

I have nothing like the coppery plum colour on the end so I am obsessed with that shade now that I have seen how it makes the green of my eyes really stand out. The first nude shade blends perfectly in to my skin tone so it’s great from blending out harsh lines at the edges of darker shadows. It’s also great for covering redness on the lids when I am tired; this on the lid with the lighter brown in the crease are perfect combination for brightening and accentuating your eyes while looking like you are not wearing any makeup. You could do a lovely brown smoky look with just the two browns. The pink is also a lovely daytime neutral. What I am saying is there is no colour that I won’t use in this palette.
Below are just two looks that I have done with this palette, the first is a bright daytime look and the second is darker and could be worn for day or night.

1. Lid
2. Crease
3. Liner
4. Matte highlight to blend out harsh lines


  1. Lid
  2. Crease
  3. Corner and Liner
  4. Inner Corner
  5. Matte highlight to blend out harsh lines

Have you tried any Pari products yet? What do you think of the colours in this palette?



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