Lip Glosses

Supposedly there is a heat wave on the way, let’s be honest, even at the slightest whisper of the phrase heat wave and we lose the run of ourselves. We know Ireland’s idea of a heat wave is when we have three or more days where the temperature rises above 10 degrees and yet we still get all giddy and get out the auld denim cut off shorts, the floral crown headbands and plan our dewy glossy makeup looks. I’ll be honest, I’m too old for the cut off shorts and floral crowns and my skin is too oily to do dewy but I can certainly do glossy lips.

SelfTimer13_05_2014 09_15_48
Today I am comparing Lancôme’s Juicy Tube in Marshmallow Electro with Essence Glossy Lipbalm in Sweet Strawberry. There is very little shade difference because they are both very sheer so my natural lip colour comes through them both. I know how much you all love a good dupe so I’ll say it now, the only real difference between them is the price tag. The Essence one is about €1.30 while the full size Lancôme Juicy Tube will set you back €20 but my one was a free gift with purchase sample size.

a78b81fd-c6d7-4c73-a84a-bdd3593da4e1_jpeg(L-R: Before, Essence Glossy Lip Balm, Lacome Juicy Tube)

 Both are comfortable to wear and really hydrating, however the Essence Glossy Lipbalm is a little bit stickier but only a little bit. The scent is also strong with the Essence one but it fades quickly. I prefer the more subtle scent of the Lancôme Juicy Tube and the scent doest last longer. There is loads more sparkle in the Juicy Tube but they both look equally glossy on the lips. I think the extra sparkle in the Juicy Tube makes my lips look a bit plumper but again I’m splitting hairs here. Look, I like a luxury product so I’m trying to justify the enormous price difference. The Juicy Tube does last a lot longer but gloss is so quick and easy to reapply and at €1.30 using the Essence one all up and having to repurchase is not going to break the bank. So in truth, I am happy to get a Juicy Tube as a free gift with purchase when I am buying other Lancôme products anyway but I definitely won’t be spending €20 on one when Essence Glossy Lipbalms are a perfectly good dupe.
Have you tried either of these glosses? What are your thoughts?



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