Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

It’s been a good few weeks now since I sang the praises of my first Real Techniques purchases. Boots were having a three for two offer so I picked up three brushes. In case you missed the other two posts you can see how I got on with the Silicone Liner Brush here and the Retractable Bronzing Brush here. I completely forgot that I hadn’t told you about this brush until I read this post by Lorraine at I thought to myself I must get that one, I didn’t even realise I already had the same brush because I have been using it for a completely different purpose.

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush
When I picked up the Expert Face Brush I also got the Retractable Bronzing brush, which I started using to apply foundation. As I already have quite a few brushes that I use to apply foundation, I didn’t really need another one. What I did need was a brush to blend highlighter. I never really bothered too much about highlighter before; I usually just slapped it on with any old brush or just used my fingers. Then on a night out I couldn’t stop staring at my friend’s highlighter, it was a sparkly line sitting on top of her cheek where she had obviously applied a liquid highlighter with her finger and didn’t blend. I didn’t know if I should do a mommy lick and spit and rub the face off her or pretend not to notice. It made me paranoid about how my own highlighter looks.

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush
I apply highlighter to the outside of my eye socked, so in a C shape starting under the outer brow bone and finishing on top of the outer cheek bone. Considering this area is at the side of your eyes it’s a hard place to see, so I want to be confident that I have blended well. I know it seems crazy; I apply loads of products to mattify my oily skin and then add more products to make the light reflect off the areas where light would naturally reflect off if I didn’t cover them.

The Expert Face brush is brilliant at blending both powder and liquid highlighters. It’s densely packed so it is quick and easy to blend with this brush. It’s even working well with the cream pencil formula of the Max Factor CC illuminator stick I told you about on Monday. There has been no shedding even after a few washes. This pleases me. The wide base is the only negative because this brush doesn’t fit in my brush holder with all the others. This annoys me.
Have you tried this brush? Do you use it for foundation or something else?


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