Max Factor Clump Defy Extensions Mascara

Let’s start this Monday with a new mascara. Mascara is probably most women’s desert island product; however I don’t actually wear mascara on a daily basis. I usually only wear mascara when I do full eye makeup at the weekend or for a night out. My week day makeup routine is more about creating perfect clear skin quickly rather than trying to emphasize any features. Instead of doing a full face of makeup every day, I reserve eye and lip makeup for when I am getting dressed up for a reason so I can feel like I made an extra effort and with that effort I look much prettier than every other day when I am just at work. Plus it would take forever to get ready because my morning routine takes long enough already and I am not a morning person.

Max Factor Clump Defy Extensions MascaraMax Factor Clump Defy Extensions Mascara
My preference for mascara is volume because my natural lashes are quite long already, however they are blond tipped so you don’t really see the length without mascara, but some extra length is always a plus. Max Factor Clump Defy Extensions mascara promises to give buildable volume and length without clumping. The colour of this mascara is priest socks black and the formula is that perfect not too wet, not too dry, easy to work with formula. I also really like the brush, I definitely prefer working with a curved brush, it makes it a lot easier to get into the corners. The small bristles brush through nicely to prevent any clumps. I found it really easy to go back and add another coat with this, sometimes the second coat can be a messy clumpy nightmare with some mascaras, especially when they are new. As for length and volume, you can see in the pictures below one coat is pretty good, and would be perfect for day time or a subtle look. The picture of the second coat shows that it is buildable for more fluttery lashes. It’s not the most amazing length or volume I have ever gotten from a mascara but it is pretty good, especially for the price tag of €13.99.


What do you think, is this enough length and volume for you? What is your favourite mascara?



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