Max Factor Colour Elixir Glosses

Warning this post contains lots of pictures of lip gloss!
Lipstick and lip balm hybrids have been around for a while now and most of them are in pencil form. I have purchased and reviewed a few of these as have many bloggers because we just went mad for them. Now thanks to Max Factor we have lip gloss and lip balm hybrids in the form of these beautiful Colour Elixir Glosses. What makes these Colour Elixir Glosses different from other glosses is that they have smoothing mineral oil and nourishing candelilla wax along with shine enhancers for a comfortable and glossy finish. I find that these are very comfortable to wear so much so that I have been wearing one every day since I got them. I usually only use lip balm during the day and the fact that I have swapped my usually heavy duty Avène Cold Cream lip balm for any of the Colour Elixir Glosses says a lot about how comfortable and hydrating they feel on my lips. I love that they don’t feel sticky like many glosses and it’s nice to have a glossy pop of colour on my lips. These can also be used over lipstick to give a full on shine to any lipstick.

Max Factor Colour Elixir Glosses
There are six Max Factor Colour Elixir Glosses, three nudes and three vibrant colours. I have five of them, two of the nudes and the three vibrant colours (I’m missing Pristine Nude). Bear in mind that my natural lip colour is quite dark so nudes don’t really show up on me as anything more than glossy shine but if your lip colour is paler then you might get more of a hit of colour from the nude shades so the swatches below might give you more of an indication than the pictures of the glosses on my lips.

L-R: Radiant Rose, Lustrous Sand, Enchanting Coral, Luxurious Berry, & Polished Fuchsia
When I first looked at them laid out, I thought that Enchanting Coral would be my favourite, that beautiful coral colour was just calling to me. Them when I swatched them I thought that maybe Luxurious Berry might be my favourite because it looks like it might be a perfect “my lips but better” shade. After trying them on I think that it’s Polished Fuchsia that wins my vote, it’s so pretty and bright on. But I also love Radiant Rose and Lustrous Sand for a more subtle hit of shine when I am at work. Also the packaging of these is lovely and sleek and looks like it’s a far more expensive product than €9.99.

a374acf9-4a6e-4452-b74d-eb78908131ff_jpeg(2) a374acf9-4a6e-4452-b74d-eb78908131ff_jpeg(3)

No product

a374acf9-4a6e-4452-b74d-eb78908131ff_jpeg a374acf9-4a6e-4452-b74d-eb78908131ff_jpeg(1)

Radiant Rose

a374acf9-4a6e-4452-b74d-eb78908131ff_jpeg(4) a374acf9-4a6e-4452-b74d-eb78908131ff_jpeg(5)

Lustrous Sand

a374acf9-4a6e-4452-b74d-eb78908131ff_jpeg(6) a374acf9-4a6e-4452-b74d-eb78908131ff_jpeg(7)

Enchanting Coral

9afb7e28-0210-4a8b-a7a0-5739a6b336fe_jpeg 9afb7e28-0210-4a8b-a7a0-5739a6b336fe_jpeg(1)

Luxurious Berry

9afb7e28-0210-4a8b-a7a0-5739a6b336fe_jpeg(2) 9afb7e28-0210-4a8b-a7a0-5739a6b336fe_jpeg(3)

Polished Fuchsia
Have you tried any of these yet? Which is your favourite?


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